Let My Feelings Show

Don’t let the sadness of my past and my fear of the future ruin my happiness today. STAY POSITIVE because today could be the best day of my life

My Successes:

~After 8 hrs sleep, I am back 😉 Happy Joy Joy.
~CoE 1: I lost my cool yesterday, I talked to one of the unithoofd. I got over this issue ever though she stepped on my red-line yesterday. This behavior should be stopped & corrected.
~SLCTA & love my mistake: Never ever use my finger(s)when I talked to a promtor, I sensed that alert alarm! Hehe My bad.
~Let My Feelings show: I was sad, I cried and it was Okay. I am a human.
~Joy: I found a funny comic & I laughed my ass off 🙂 then I shared my joy.
~Joy: A simple thing makes me smile. For example: The sun shines, the awesome MISPL I wrote & the report looks great! my source contract song makes me happy big time.
~My greatness: I challenged myself again with this task. Bring it on, beautiful!
~Feedback: After this issue, I gave my feedback, I gave my compliment and we did great! There is no problem in this new procedure, system works, people work & it works for me! SUPER COOL.
~Compliment: I look pretty today 😉 Thanks hunny. Fake Nike? huh? I didn’t wear Nike and … @-@! Is Nike the only thing you know?
~Directness: Yes, I always make time to listen. When she has a problem/question & she always starts her conversation with a never ending details. After 10 minutes i just said ” please shot your question without bullshit details and it was an emergency, U said!” . Now some people gotta learn my CS.
~Happiness: I love Pandora. Shared my story & my joy 🙂
~Support & Compliment: I helped a patient, he was happy & got a compliment “je bent lief” He just bright up my day!
~LCC & Compliment: I had this issue with GGD, talked to them & asked their support. They gotta do something about it. I told her “I am very happy today becoz of you & your support” She was happy too. “je bent aardig en behulpzaam” Woo Hoo 🙂
~Love Your mistakes: Oeps! The doctor was not amused about the wrong data, we ever wrote his name incorrectly. I collected & corrected the data, SLCTA and we gotta make it up.
~Fun: traveled with my co-worker, talked about holiday, food & our passion. She is lovely.
~LCC: sent a mail about the complain to my ICT club, Oeps! SLCTA.
~Care: gotta go to my Yoga lesson with my neighbour Woo Hoo! Gezellig RELAAAAAAAX
~Care: bed time, nighty night ZzzzZzzz Image


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