Talk About Love

Release the stress. Learn to let go of the things I cannot control or change

My Successes:

~ Talk about love: Listened to TED talk “Extraordinary stories of love, no matter what”. It moved me & I cried in the tram. It was beautiful, kindness and unconditional love ❤ 
~ Acceptance: TED talk inspired me & got an insight “don’t join the group, everyone is unique and why should we change to fit in”
~ Dare: I didn’t worry about showing my tears in the public place. It was great.
~ Happiness 1: Have got an article from my boss, he just make me smile.
~ Compliment 1: Gave my boss my compliment, “Thanks for giving me this big smile, Windows XP sucked” we laughed. It was great to start my day with a good laugh!
~ Love: Sang “Happy birthday” to my dear girl friend/neighbour/co-worker.
~ Yummy: have got yummy cookies from the birthday girl ❤ 

~ Sharing Love: she shared her goodies with me becoz I sang 😛
~ LCC 1: 2 projects wento Live, it went well and me happy.
~ Challenge 1: Ha challenge is accepted, bring it on, bitches! My document is fucking pretty and I lovin it.
~ Challenge 2: Ha Ha it was great to challenge myself and it worked for me. I just can’t control my smile muscle.
~ Sharing: had a great chat with a dear co-worker, it was an open, honest & interesting conversation. It was great. I realized how fake some people really are, they pleased & they sucked up … Oh Hell! They might get more than me & is it what I want? oh Hell no.

~ Support: iPhone team (me & my boss) shared goodies Apps. Woo Hoo! We all learn something new everyday.
~ Care: “Don’t worry about nothing, it’s waste of time” It will be aright hunny.
~ Support: Asked for support, they cleared the air and it was great! Thanks sweetie.
~ Support & Care: talked to my dear friend, he had a busy day & frustrated. I made him smile again. Woo Hoo! 
~ Fun: I laughed silly in the public transport, yeah! he got me with his silly text LOL
~ Trust: I know what I do, give me your negative feedback and you just made me happier! I SLCTA big time & I am blessed.
~ Trust: I am in my power, whatever you said to me and basically it’s about you. Did u hear yourself?
~ Empowerment: I shared my points, I followed this request and I am the one who reported it. You should do the same when it’s incorrect! We agreed.
~ Compliment: ” I am the ray of sunlight ” and I am happy. THANKS.
~ Excitement: I am totally ready for our weekend with the lovely boys & my family. I missed them.
~ Directness: I am seriously allergic to fucking Bullshit. What is your point, hunny? I just hate to use the phase ” Rubbish in Rubbish out ” and it’s so true when I get rubbish and I will give rubbish. How sad!Image


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