The Best

Be thankful every chance I get. Not because life has been easy, perfect, or exactly as I had anticipated, but because I choose to be happy and grateful for all the good things I have and all the problems I know I don’t have.

These 2 events made me smile:

After this event, mr “Ja ..maar” striked back. Firstly he made me smile with his details (Yes, analyzer) and Then my second thought was “what the hell”. 2 things just popped in my head: Context & Content and Negative Feedback. I had few minutes for myself, I was happy and I fucking loved his remarks and now my document looked pretty awesome! Nah, it’s about the document, it was full of shit and now it’s was cool and I am grateful for this. I am also grateful that his intention was good and dared to challenge me! ” Challenge is accepted, bitches ” It’s my new phase!
By the way, when the content is alright, you mag say it too. The other good example for the  “black-black-game”

She is a wizz kid, I have heard (oh! the other social-awkward). It’s a good thing & she shines like the sun. When she gives everyone a label on their forehead, then it’s really sucked. What a sucker! It’s stupid to judge, everyone is unique and everyone has his/her value,then accept it. When she categorized people in groups & with colored-labels (smart, stupid, old, young etc) Then I only see her as a sucking taker, Oh she is color-blinded too! Hmmm is it being a wizz the only good thing I know about her? The sad thing is that I only see the worst side of this wizz and should I go up-side-down to see the better side of her?

Yeah I know, I wanna see what I wanna see, is my mind play trick again?

My Successes:

§CoE 1:The boys & I agreed that they would wake me when they needed to go downstairs. They did well & it was bloody early.
§Outside my comfort zone: At Seven O’clock in am. Nothing is damaged, everyone was safe and my eyes were very heavy.
§Love: The boys are my ray of sunlight. They are funny & make me smile.
§Fun: 2 “billen biebers” danced in my living room. Brrrr … gotta switch on the heater.
§Love: My daddy & mommy dear hanged out with us in Drievliet. Awesome!
§Fun: We had great fun.
§Yummy: Had yummy dinner with my family & we enjoyed it.
§Love: My mommy took good care of us & ordered the yummy dinner! Woo Hoo.
§Correction & Fun: Tomi corrected me 🙂 he laughed “chinese school,Sindy ! (in dutch)” hey kid, I have never gone to “chinese school” in Holland. Good of you 😉 I love his directness. I love Tomi more.
§Fun: Yoshi said ” auntie ” in Chinese to me, he is a funny little bear & adorable. Ever though he didn’t wanna share his chocolate with me :/
§Bright: Luke is a very very smart, social kid. He reminded me one person, that’s me 😉 he knows so many things, he explains many things to us, he knows his direction and he is totally awesome. I am so proud.
§Joy:Jim was a moody one and he is always the sunshine in my heart. He is the biggest manipulator and he is way smarter than us. hehe it was very funny to see when my sister & bro-in-law were in stress!
§Spring promise: go to bed early and Detox season starts.Image


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