I Am Amazing

Sometimes I just need to disconnect and enjoy my own company.
My Thoughts:

We spend money on experiences, rather then needless stuff. – Happy people are often mindful of spending money on physical items, opting instead to spend much of their extra money on experiences.  “Experiential purchases” tend to make us happier for two key reasons: 1. Great experiences improve over time when we reminisce about them.  2. Experiences are often social events that get us out of our house and interacting with people we care about.
My Successes on Saturday:
§ CoE & Love: We started our Saturday with a yummy lunch, then we picked up 2 treasures and I had a date.
§Gratitude: I gave the aMAC dude my hug, he helped me out & I showed my gratitude.
§Support: Olaf drove me to the apple store.
§Support: the blue genius helped me, in an hour I got a new battery. I didn’t care less when I really get a new 5, Tomi & my pictures in Madurodam matter most to me. The blue genie was great.
§Wet fun: We needed to wait for an hour, we got wet from the shower & Heck! I was a cotton candy. We had a drink in a cafe nearby.
§CoE: I called my sis that we were late.
§Fun: Auntie & uncle weekend started.
§CoE: We talked to the kids about our “appointment”, we gotta have a nice evening together. No pushing, no bullying and no arguing!
§Something new: I woke Jim up before we arrived in the restaurant and we didn’t have this wake-up drama! Woo Hoo it worked.
§Proud, Fun & Love: the kids behaved well, we had a great evening & the food was yummy.
§Something new: We had this cool plastic box for his looms. We sorted the colors & it looked awesome.
§Something new: Luke taught me how to loom. hehe My first loom & it was cool to learn something new everyday!
§Love, Care & Cooperation: I read them the story, we had a nice chit chat, we had a good laugh and I love the boys lots. nighty night 😉
§Care: prepared for the early bird sunday, I went to bed early.


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