I Am Open

Being strong doesn’t mean I’ll never get hurt. It means that even when I do get hurt, I’ll NEVER let it defeat me.

My Successes:
§Care: I slept in & it was great.
§Love & LCC: My domestic help is ok again, she will be here to help me. Woo Hoo!
§Care: I went to massage, oh myyy she was the best.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my story about my massage-phobic at the beginning, it was totally out of my comfort zone and now I enjoyed it.
§Insight: I care for myself, I trust this masseur and I trust & accept this gift for me. My tense muscle really needed the extra push.
§Sharing is caring & Support: I asked “why did I laugh when you massage my back?” “It was very tense here and it will be OK” Actually my body screams for attention, that’s why I laughed when she took good care of me.
§Gratitude: I appreciated her care and love. Thank you so much.
§LCC: She offered me a special package price, woo hoo! Save some money & I gotta go to massage more.
§CoE: I had a day off today, I needed to answer some work mails & heck! I will be on stand by after 17.00.
§Feedback: I appreciated his feedback & sharp remarks, super awesome! I realized that we forgot to contact the EPD dude! It will be great to verify his info before the upgrade on Wednesday.
§Feedback: I shared my mail & feedback to my ICT co-worker. He worried about this upgrade, he worried about many things. I realized that it was his first time for this kind of upgrade. I pointed out that it will be alright, I trust me & I trust my co-workers. I have nothing to worry about! Bright it on, beautiful!
§Compliment: My ICT co-worker helped me out when I was absent today, I sent my mail to thank her. I love our cooperation!
§Communication: I realized that some people didn’t like to give feedback and I sent out my mail to verify some information.
§Insight: I am open to let beautiful people come into my world. I am open to let me to enjoy new things. I am open to accept new challenges. I am open to step  outside my comfort zone. I am open to accept what/who I am. I am open to accept who/what you are. I am open to let myself out. I am open to show who I am. I am open to love & to care others.


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