I Am Grateful

Be OKay with where I am right now in my life. there is always room for improvement but accepting myself and my imperfections are part of the awareness that is needed for growth to happen.

My Thoughts:

Upgrade Database of cyberlab is my challenge. In this process I may use my creativity, my network, Love, Care and Cooperation, communication style, my leadership and so much more. I am grateful to have this chance. Every ICT co-worker has her/his expertise and I may ask for their support and I love our cooperation!

2 days before the upgrade, I have got his feedback and I appreciated his sharp remarks. Oeps! We forgot the EPD. I loved our mistakes and I have this tools SLCTA & CoE & LCC in my pocket. However, he suggested that we gotta ” remove ” the name and I wasn’t gonna be happened, So be it! I was also grateful to have those great co-workers around me, they gave me feedback, they challenged me, they supported me and I allowed myself to grow.

At the beginning I had doubt about this project, it was a piece of project without direct communication, no guideline, nothing on paper, had a passive “partner in crime” and 2 interesting facts on the table: I am on stand by and the show of the upgrade must go on! Hey, was I the chosen one!?! (WINK)

1 day before the upgrade, this text is corrected and I got a great support again. The other mail is sent and confirmed! Our preparation is set, then 1 phone call at 4 pm and we decided to terminate this upgrade. Oeps! I loved our mistakes and we didn’t need this database upgrade for the client version! Ha, here we No-go. I appreciated all the support & feedback from our wonderful co-workers and it was a great learning process for me!

It was a valuable lesson for me.






p.s. : I won’t need to work long hours, I won’t forget this event (check-check-double check), I will save some money for our company and I will make some friends!






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