I Am Free

Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves me enough to help me unpack.

My Thoughts:

Without discipline, success is impossible, period.  Discipline is choosing to do what I know must be done, as often and as long as required.  It’s doing the thing I have to do whether I like it or not.

Discipline allows me to control the course of my life.  If I do not discipline myself, someone else – a parent, teacher, boss, society, etc. – will try to do so for me.  They will choose what they believe is the best method to instill more self-control in me.  But it’s far more advantageous to take control of my own discipline and my own destiny.

Discipline opens up a plethora of options and opportunities which otherwise would not be available to me.  With it I can make best possible use of the time and resources available to me, and employ them to create great value for myself and my world.  Whatever I set my sights upon, discipline is the vehicle that will get me there.

My Successes:
§Joy: I Loved to walk pass this pond, sun shined and it was a lovely day.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my story and I appreciated her time & we agreed on it.
§CoE: details details. I knew why sucker sucked my energy empty. Yes, Y was right, a funny comment broke the ice! I was very direct & clear about my opinion, I didn’t wanna walk in a circle with her.
§Joy & Service: I enjoyed this, I likes to do it and I went for it. I provided my service! I loved it.
§Sharing is caring: new papa was back in town, we were happy to see him.
§Insight: Letting go is easy and I did. Going with it and It worked for me. I created lots of peace in my head, I put my Ego aside and it was just excellent.
§CoE: I had her words & she turned it around. Alright, It was not me and I was very sure!
§Challenge myself: Woo Hoo it worked for me and I was very happy about the results.
§Simply the best: The simple thing makes me happy. Perfectionism doesn’t work for me & we are all PERFECT. Cherry picking is not my cup of tea!
§Sharing is caring: I worried about this, again, when they changed their minds & I can’t do much about it. Heck! I needed to have something to do & falling asleep in my office was not pretty! 😛
§Support: he asked for my support, he gotta follow the official procedure. Perfect! Thank you so much.
§Support & CoE: She asked for my support, she gotta get the data. Next Monday she will be the first. <Bam>
§Love & care: Q my dearest was a sweetheart, he gotta have “a surprise” for me. Woo Hoo I was so lucky to have him in my life. He was the sweetest thing to me. He challenged me, supported me and I love him very much! 😉
§Love & Care: I chated with my darling, he was doing fine! It was great to hear it.
§Love & Care: My mommy dear wanted to have lunch or dinner with us. We gonna have yummy lunch with my parents. Love you mom ❤
§Love & Care: I texted my daddy bear to join us for lunch, coolio! He was the greatest.
§Love & Care: My sweet baboo felt better now & good of him!
§Nothing Box: It was the greatest place in my head. I was very sure that not only men have it. I had it too.
§The biggest success: I can deal with you! HA.


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