I Am Good

Blaming my past won’t help change my future. Instead, invest that energy on ensuring I have a future that doesn’t involve looking back.

My Successes:
§The 3rd night of Insomnia: I gotta break this cycle & I was bloody tired at work. Chill out & Keep calm.
§Focus: I started this task, I put extra energy for my focusing and it worked for me.
§Love: My dear friend called me up & said hello! He made my day.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my thought with my dear girl friend. She shared her event with me. I loved to talk & listen to her.
§Openness: When I open up, Then I accept new ideas & challenge myself with joy. It was fun.
§CoE: When I am tired, Then I am hypersensitive to noise & get cranky. I actually warned my co-worker in my office.
§Love your mistake: Oeps user lied and the system was Ok. I told her that the system was OK and what was going on?
§Support: I had no clue why it didn’t work! I asked for support & nothing was found.
§Let it go: I was too tired to think, I let it go and I will figure it out tomorrow. It was not what I can’t and I cared for myself.
§Love & smile: My daring Q shared his joy with me & he made me smile.
§Joy: I enjoyed the silence in my office.
§Support: User didn’t/ can’t follow a simple question, I kept asking a simple question & offered my support. A simple yes or No helped me lots. ” Yeah but …” No please fucking listen & answer. <breath in> <breath out>
§CoE & Good of me: A nagger just can’t stop, I was very clear, repeated myself twice to explain what my role was, what I can do for them. I was glad that I spoke up.
§Take it easy & care: I was too tired to function, went to bed at 9 pm!

My Thoughts:
Relationships don’t create happiness, they reflect it.  Happiness is an inside job.  Relationships are simply the mirrors of my happiness; they reflect it and help me celebrate it.  They are mirrors because they are a perfect reflection of my thoughts and beliefs.  To reflect means to encourage me when I feel weak and challenge me when I feel strong, thereby returning me to my center.  And to celebrate is to share the natural ease and joy of living from my center – of living in the now with clarity.


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