Calm down & it’s all GOOD

Life is about balance. Be kind, but don’t let people abuse me. Trust, but don’t be deceived. Be content, but never stop improving myself.

My Successes:
§LCC: The data was in, it helped lots to have these relevant data. I love excel.
§Compliment: I appreciated for their improvement, their support & their quick action! Super proud.
§Compliment & Care: You guys did great, I will get back to you! Chilling out & have a cup of tea please.
§Enough is Enough: Hey, it was very busy and she radiated her negativity around. It was not funny. I slammed the door & I could concentrated and calmed down.
§Shit filter: My shit filter was full, i needed to reset it. With that negative diarrhea and NO ONE can stand it. back off =(
§ZEN: I came back to my chill mode, I loved it.
§Sharing is caring: I listened to her event, it was shit and she should do something. With our compassion, positivity or attention and we couldn’t do much when she didn’t wanna take action. Case closed.
§Support: They needed 3.5 ” FLOPPY DISK for the back up. yes, I had them and I was the monopoly in this house. hehe! It was good to have old school stuffs in my draw.
§My Way: It was my way of doing thing. When you don’t like it, then I don’t give a rat ass. It was fine when you did it your way and I was OK with it. Calm down & it’s all good.
§LCC & support: I told my boss about this chaos & someone needed to help the girls. Yes, it was done. Thank you so much!
§Support: Thanks darling & I appreciated your help.
§Support: He asked for my support, “Zebra printer”? I had no idea what it was, I had a look & offered my support. They needed a new one!
§Support: The list was completed & work is done. Next …
§Goodies: I got M&M for myself, I need this extra energy for my motor.
§Care: I made an appointment for my hair cut, finally!

My Thoughts:

Actions are the loudest form of communication.  What I do speaks so loud that others will have a hard time hearing what I say.  So practice what I preach or don’t preach at all – walk the talk.  And remember that there is often a major gap between what someone says and what they do.  Characterize people by their actions and I will never be fooled by their words.


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