Calm down & it’s my day off

There’s a special place in my heart for the ones who were with me at my lowest and STILL loved me when I wasn’t very LOVE-ABLE.

My Successes:
§Care: I slept like a baby & it was great after a busy week.
§Shorter: yeah I went to my hair dresser, had this chat chit & she was cool. I was not chatty in the salon 😉
§Support: I asked for support & these beautiful people were amazing! yeah I may go with Lily back.
§Fun: I loved cartoon & I watched Shaun The Sheep. It made my day.
§Support: I got the data back, I called my colleague & culture was done.
§Day off: Woo Hoo!
§Just my thought: To be a leader, I support my team & they support me. I give them instruction & they follow my instruction. When they do in their ways and the results is good, then it is absolutely fine for me. Sometimes, machine doesn’t follow our feelings and it follows fixed instruction. When they make mistake, I will give my feedback & support them. The biggest reward being a leader is that I trust them, I empower them, I trust me, I love our cooperation, I love our fun together & I got their feedback. Love Care Cooperation works big time for me.
§Just my thought:About the negativity at the corner. I should keep my distance from it, I have done/said many times that she needs to take action. It’s my life & I determine what I do. With all my respect, I do not enjoy your company around. Everything turned from pink to black, it was so sad.
§Support: I have got support & I will have a lift to AMS too.” I was lucky ” and I created this for myself. Great!
§Event: It was a little late, keep calm & no drama. It was awesome for me.
§Intention: hey guys, we set our intention for 6:55 and we will be there. Yes, we did.
§Excitement: I was in the workshop, I met many dear friends. Woo Hoo
§I love hugs ❤ thank you beautiful people.
§LCC & Support: Lex took good care of us and bought us safely home! Thank you so much.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my Essence experience with Lex & Tiff, it was great.
§Insights in the workshop: It was amazing.
§Compliment: It was good to see Y and I adored him. I gave my compliment & hugs. After this I gotta have some more work to do for myself. Woo hoo.
§Compliment: I got compliment about my successes. Woo hoo! thank you very much my dear.
§Love & fun: I got a text from my sweet darling, we will be in the same team in February. What an awesome night to get many gifts! Life is good.


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