Stay calm & It’s a privilege

A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset. When I wake up, take a second to think about what a privilege it is to simply be alive and healthy. The moment I start acting like life is a blessing, I assure you that it will start to feel like one. Time spent living is time worth appreciating.

My Successes:

§Care & rest: I slept in & it was great.
§Beautiful: I woke up & it was a beautiful day.
§Fun: we had our Saturday date, had lunch in the city.
§CoE: I was disappointed in the new apple store, well! it was different from what I expected and I talked to the manager & we had a good laugh.
§CoE: That aMacer asked me about my remarks on FB. Yes, he was the guy. He appreciated my feedback & I was a happy girl becoz of their support.
§Compliment: I like their store, the guys were helpful.
§Event: I walked on the street, this chinese old smiley monk stopped me & handed something in my hand. WHAT? then one more goodies from his bag. the only word he said in Dutch ” Donatie” .Oh, then Olaf pulled the wallet & gave him 10 euro without a question. It was not enough & I was like huh? . He showed us his note that “everyone” donated 20 euro’s. Everyone? Aha, I gave the goodies back and he refused.

What I experienced in this event (lesson was 20 euro’s in 3 minutes)
± The whole issue was a scam, unclear and it was wrong.
± In this whole process, I didn’t understand what he said & the only gesture was that he was a monk. Monk ? trustworthy? I had other idea after this event.
± Donation for any charity, religion or whatever, we gave out money too easily. He was like “money machine” and he was naive.
± I was the dominant type, no one approached me for selling or any scams.
± Money is the whole issue.  I didn’t know what his purpose was. IF he asked me directly for donation & told me his purposes, Then I would help without a doubt. Now I wondered that a REAL monk would refuse little donation & push us to donate more!
± I took action, I gave his things back and in my gut feeling that it was wrong. He refused to take his craps back. Huh? No One in this process asked me “Do you want that” Yeah … and … 
± I can’t let it go because he refused to take his crap back & asked for more. For charity sack, WHAT THE HELL.
± We worked hard for our comfortable lives. Now, I wondered again … should I shave my head, dress like a nun and ask for donation. 10×20 per day, tax free, I look trustworthy and it gonna work. <just fucking kidding to be a scammer!>
± My last word: I like where I came from, I love me, I am proud to be a chinese & I am an European. These “smart Asian” perhaps laughed at us that European were naive. Yes, he was right and we didn’t learn this lesson everyday. His lucky day.
This ass monkey abuse our trust, respect & earn their fast money. In the future, I will watch out ass monkey like this and I would support charity anyway!

§CoE: I gotta know what time the store gotta open on Monday. Oh, My glasses were in Woo Hoo!
§Happy joy joy: I can see clearly Woo Hoo. I need to get used to mufti-focusses glasses, it’s new for me.


My Thoughts:

What others say and do is often based entirely on their own self-reflection.  When I have people speaking to me who are angry and upset, and I nevertheless remain very present and continue to treat them with kindness and respect, I place myself in a position of great power.  I become a means for the situation to be graciously diffused and healed.  A Zen teacher once said, “When somebody backs themselves into a corner, look the other way until they get themselves out; and then act as though it never happened.”
Allowing people to save face in this way, and not reminding them of what they already know is not their most intelligent behavior, is an act of great kindness.  This is possible when we realize that people behave in such ways because they are in a place of great suffering.  People react to their own thoughts and feelings and their behavior often has nothing directly to do with me.


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