Stay calm & I love mistakes

My Successes:
~LCC & support: I was in the building for 3 minutes, I heard my name everywhere! “werk aan de winkel”
~CoE & Support: I asked for feedback, he didn’t have plan for this project. I sent the reminder to him & we gotta take action.
~Support: I offered my support & we gotta do it together. We are stronger than just “I” alone.
~Love your mistake: Oeps! “the system did it to me”, I loved to see when it happened and I offered my support. User lies and so can I.
~Love your mistake: we talked about it , we were on the same page and it still didn’t happen. yes, I was pissed off, disappointed and I didn’t understand why we planned it and nothing happened. <Cool off> I was OK again.
~Control freak & Fun: hahahahah this control freak test just made me smile big time. I am only 26% , not ever close to control freak. I needed to do more to be one ;P NOT.
~Sharing is caring: I shared my experience about this ass monkey. It was actually illegal to ask money on the street. I learned something everyday.
~Sharing is caring: She shared her anger experience with me, I really appreciated it and it was recognizable in many ways!
~Care: My feet really hurt me, what have I done? I called my GP & have a check.
~Support: I called my sweet baboo & told him about my feet. I needed him to go with me to my GP.
~Event: I was cranky & why was it? Many people needed to be heard & I knew it. When I can’t speak & explain, then I was a little frustrated. I was very clear about the issue, I told him that I can’t determine what the others wanted. Yeah! Can you just listen what I say?
~ZEN: I just went to my room & cooled off. <breath in> <breath out>
~Happy bird: after lunch I was a happy girl again.
~LCC: I fixed & adjusted this MISPL! I got you and it worked for me.
~Sharing is caring: I gotta miss my junior colleague, She will leave us next week ;( I told her that I gotta miss her.

My Thoughts:

Letting pain from the past devastate the present. – I am stronger because of the hard times, wiser because of my mistakes, and happier because I have known sadness. Every difficult conversation I have includes someone who is teaching me something about myself.  Every trying situation contains an opportunity for deeper self-reflection and learning.  Every irritant, heartbreak, frustration, disappointment, fearful moment and sadness is a teacher.  Remember, nothing is as bad as it seems.  Nothing.  There’s a benefit and a blessing hidden in the folds of every experience and every outcome.  So don’t I dare give up on today because of the way things looked yesterday.  Don’t even think about it.  Every day is a new day to try again.


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