Stay calm & it’s a challenge

My Successes:
~Care: My left foot hurt me badly, I visited my GP.
~Support: I asked my sweet baboo to bring me to my GP. Yes.
~CoE: Then I got his suggestion “perhaps it was good to take my bike”. I verified what he meant & IF he didn’t want to bring me Then it was OK and I could walk slowly. I didn’t get feedback from him. <breath in> <breath out>
~CoE: It was OK to get rejection. It was OK to hear No. My bottomline to my sweet baboo was: If he didn’t feel like doing any of my favorites, Then I had enough solution. It was very rude of him to break his promise & told me what “else” I should do. Stay calm & No event. I was proud of me.
~Support: My co-worker decorated the room for the birthday girl, thank you so much! I appreciated her support & care.
~CoE: I didn’t know why I gotta paid extra for this info in the chemists. I asked my questions & she explained to me yada yada. Yes, I paid enough for my healthy insurance & I gotta pay more for extra info, paper & Bullshit.
~Care: I went to bed early & took my medicine. Finally I slept like a baby! I was totally exhausted.
~Sharing is caring: I shared my event with my darling girl friend, I appreciated her support & feedback. Awesome.
~Sharing is caring & compliment: She shared her event with me, we got some significant insights and it was awesome. We had a good laugh too! Woo Hoo.
~ESBL challenge: Yes, I accepted and I know how to kick ESBL’s ass.
~Love my mistake: Oeps! It didn’t work and I adjusted the MISPL.
~Planning: I focused on this ONE configuration & it didn’t work. I wrote down my plan, what should I focus on & it worked for me. RR is my “think tram” Wahahahahaha =) Think tank in a think tram.
~Clarification: After I wrote my plan on a piece of paper, I got this chaos out of my head & It was easier, brighter & better! I created more space for me to think & get inputs.
~Support & CoE: She asked for my support, after a long story with yada & I didn’t get why they didn’t ask my support yesterday (they had a problem & they just reported a day later). Anyway, 2 things were wrong here & she didn’t know what to do.  It was my responsibility to support the GLIMS/ICT problems.  “please read the friendly manual”. After a long sigh, she found it on the procedure, she got her answer. Now she knows.
~Love your mistake: Oeps! “Why did he do that?” (according to the logfile he did it & he knew nothing about it) and they used his account to proceed their work! OUCH. please don’t do it again!
~Love your mistake: Oeps! “Why did GLIMS do that?”. GLIMS does things for me when I gives it a task or click a button. GLIMS is my buddy when I knows it. When she was afraid of GLIMS, then she was GLIMS slave. (huh?!?) <p.s. unless I wrote my shit MISPL & it didn’t work>
~Let it go: This MISPL didn’t work for me & I just let it go and did something else. This way, I created some space for myself, I took a step away from this & ideas came to me in no time.
~I got it: I had this idea to fix this simple program 😉 I gotta test more next week.
~Support: I got this idea & thank you so much! Now, It was my turn to ” translate” this in GLIMS language !
~LCC & Support:I assisted my colleague to do this task, she did great & we had fun & great cooperation. Woo Hoo, you rule, sweetie.

My Thoughts: 

Resisting change and growth. – I must consistently check with myself and ask: “Am I committed to feeling good, or am I committed to growing?”  Because growth does not always feel good, and feeling good does not always provide growth.  Neither is wrong, as long as there is balance.  The important thing is to remember that being uncomfortable is important too, and this discomfort often arrives right on time.  Don’t avoid it – embrace it.  Channel my energy into progress.  All growth begins at the end of my comfort zone.  When I’m feeling uncomfortable, know that the change taking place in my life is a beginning, not an ending.


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