Stay calm & I’m excited

The best day of my life is the one on which I decide my life is my own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame. The gift is mine – it is an amazing journey – and I alone am responsible for the quality of it.

My Successes:
§LCC & Support:I asked for support, they forwarded the call to my pager. Thank you so much.
§Challenge: YEAH! I got it. I was too excited & it worked.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my success, she was excited & was happy for me. I loved our smiles.
§Support: I offered my support, they really needed a new printer & I gotta talk to my ICT co-worker.
§LCC & CoE: After our meeting, the appointments were set, I gotta send the data to them. Fun started.
§Care & LCC: It worked perfectly, the girls did great! I was proud of them.
§Compliment: I got their compliment & I was a happy girl.
§Get things done: MISPL was fixed & tested. Woo Hoo! I was the happiest girl in the world.
§Compliment: The flower was delivered, I got her feedback & she appreciated our gift.
§Compliment: I gave my compliment, they were awesome! more smiley faces.
§Planning makes perfect: my planning worked for me, I got my targets & It created clarification for me. I have got more space in my head 😉 I loved it.
§Negative feedback: I appreciated his feedback, it was sad that some people were rude & unprofessional to other colleagues. We gotta correct this. I called the department, I apologized & I will report this.
§Sunny: The sunny day made me happy. I was grateful to be me. I was grateful for their supports. I was grateful for our love, care and cooperation. I was grateful for her challenge. I was grateful to accept her challenge. I was grateful to step back, to look & to do differently. I was grateful to live today!
§Care: I had a long day, I decided to do nothing after work. Feet up & enjoy my evening.
§Love & compliment: I got Q’s feedback, he liked my blog & he was happy for me. Woo Hoo! dance dance.
§Comfort zone: I was totally out of my comfort zone in this situation. Stay calm, stay focus & stay professional and I did it. I was proud of me. <In the past, I could flip in no time, got frustrated & took their nags personally >
§Openness: I admitted that I was not always strong, I can be weak & feel insecure. I am only human. The girls were shocked when I told them 🙂 hehe It was Ok to show my weakness & it was me.
§Privilege: It was my privilege to be in this team. I loved our cooperation & they were proud of me & it was awesome!
§CoE: I was very clear & direct what I though about this issue. When it was not cool for him, then he simply didn’t care to do his part. Dammit! It was fine to say no and i was Ok with it. I was angry because he gave me a lame excuse & didn’t tell me the truth. Pfff … I am a big girl & I accept NO without drama!
§What a beautiful day, I stopped this med & I am back!

My Thoughts:

Taking everything personally. – There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to me when I take nothing personally.  And rarely do people do things because of me anyway.  They do things because of them.  So even when it seems personal, it probably isn’t.  Remember this.  And when I find myself feeling angry, heartbroken, or victimized by the actions of another, see if I can I find within me any seed of softness, some place deep within that understands how much pain that person must be in, how burdened their soul must be, how devastatingly hardened they must be in their heart in order to behave in a way that is surely out of alignment with their own integrity.  


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