Stay calm & just let go

Some people won’t love me no matter what I do, and some people won’t stop loving me no matter what I do. Go where the love is!

My Successes:
§Early bird: I woke early, I just started to work on this data. I enjoyed it, it was quiet, my internet was quick & I got it.
§Challenge: I appreciated this challenge, he asked for impossible & I made it IMpossible. Woo Hoo! I loved it.
§Sindizilla vs GLIMS = 7-0. It was actually win-win, GLIMS worked for me all the time.
§Love & Joy: it was our Saturday date, we went to the city for lunch.
§Planning makes perfect: I got these party stuffs, I loved shopping.
§Shopping: I needed some new tops, I got them woo hoo. I was out of my comfort zone, I didn’t choose the “familiar” style & colors. It was a big successes.
§Shut Up: I have had enough, will you shut the fuck up? I didn’t need any excuses to do things. I didn’t need to hear your excuses why you did it. It was a choice.
§Care & Joy: I had my beauty nap, it was so good!
§Domestic manager & Yummy: I cooked noodles & wan tan for dinner. We ❤ it. nom nom.
§Data manager: Yes, I got it & I am ready. Bring it on, bitch!
§Cosy manager: Yes, it’s Saturday & I will be/am the winner of the couch potato competition. A champion is the house ;P

My Thoughts:

I can’t have a better today if I’m still thinking and worrying about yesterday.  Whatever could have been or should have been, doesn’t matter.  Even though I may want to move forward in my life, I have one foot on the brakes when I’m thinking about the past.  In order to be free, I must learn how to let go of whatever old news is keeping me stuck.  Release my regrets.  Discard yesterday’s frustrations.  Refuse to entertain old pain.  The energy it takes to hang onto these things is holding my back from a new beginning.  What is it I want to let go of today?  Do it!


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