Stay calm & sushi was yummy

Actions speak louder than words. We can apologize over and over, but if our actions don’t change, the words become meaningless.

My Successes:
*Planning makes perfect: I continued checking the reports on ZVP.
*Intentions on Friday: finish ZVP report, check SMF, run STAT, work on wish list.
*Feedback & Support: They missed avidity plasma & it gotta be fixed. Got it.
*Support: I asked for support, they figured it out for me & I got the new mouse. Yeah.
*Compliment: I talked to a crea joke, I loved her creative idea. She is an awesome lady & funny!
*Compliment: I gave them my compliment, they were the best!
*Fun: It’s Friday, we had this goofy mood, we talked about animals & they “thought” totally different things. LOL
*Support & CoE: Yes & No. The data can be seem in different way, the numbers “shifted” a little & we figured it out.
*Support: She asked for my support, yes, ma’am!
*Testing 123: Ha, this was finally there! Oeps … I missed something here.
*CoE & Love: I felt like sushi, I called my sweet baboo & we went for sushi for dinner.
*My intentions were done.  I was ready for weeekend.
*Sharing is caring: he shared his story with me, I suggested that I usually did it & he might try to do it too.
*Trying new things: cold noodle salad was yummy. Never had it before, yummy!

My Thoughts:

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” 
One of the biggest reasons I get stuck in an idle state, instead of taking action to change my life for the better, is simply that the process is uncomfortable. But to create positive changes in my life I have to step outside my comfort zone, at least for a little while.
Rather than dismissing myself as unchangeable creature of habit, I can instead direct my own change by consciously developing new habits. In fact, the more new things I try – the more I step outside my comfort zone – the more inherently creative I will become, both in the workplace and in my personal life.
Routines stagnate me. New experiences help me grow and they make life interesting. Make an effort to try something new every day this week. It can be a whole new activity or just a small experience, such as talking to a stranger. And once I get the ball rolling, many of these new experiences will open doors to life changing opportunities.
With a strategy of continuous small steps into new experiences, I am able to sidestep the biggest barrier to positive change: Fear.


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