It’s done & Fun starts

Always remember that my present situation is not my final destination. The best is yet to come.

My Successes:

*Planning makes perfect: More ZVP test <tested> <checked> <done>
*Feedback: I sent the test results, I gave my feedback & they gotta fix it.
*Love: I sent out my thank you note & birthday cards to my dear ones.
*Things are done: It was time to celebrate, I had a banana with me. Feel Good food & it was great.
*I love result: It worked for me & I was a happy girl.
*ZEN: I enjoyed my ZEN moment this morning. Life was great.
*Love & Care: I was great to see him again. I loved his smile & he was doing alright! He just made my day.
*Support: She asked for my support, I was pleased to help out.
*CoE & let it go: When a Solo analyzer wanna have his own show, so go ahead. When I didn’t need to know & I won’t make fuss about anything. It was his choice  & I was not the one who determine what he should do. It was my opinion!
*Feedback: She gotta report this, I didn’t know anything about this project. Good luck folks! I will be here when you need my supoort.
*Delayed intention: My intention was to finish testing ZVP , I didn’t make it yesterday and the system was done ;( Today it’s done. Woo hoo.
*Sharing is caring: I chatted with my dear girl, we have got some new insights & awesome.
*Support: My dear girl asked for my support, of course I will 😉 … Shirley wahahahahaha !!
*Nap at work: I took a 5 minutes powernap in my tea break, Woo Hoo! I was recharged & I felt good.
*Fun: I had a silly laugh with my colleague, I loved our smiles ^_^
*Insights: I had this interesting meeting, I have got many insights, I have seen many practical tips and it was an eye-opener.  We are too focus on our field, it was great to see outside the box ideas! It was not only medical, but also a commercial point of view. LEAN!
*It was a very long day & I have got extra energy from this positive view of the whole process. such a bonus!

My Thoughts:

Embrace my quirks, my mistakes, and the fact that life is a lesson. – Life is a ride. Things change, people change, but I will always be ME; so stay true to myself and never sacrifice who I am for anyone or anything.  I have to dare to be myself, in this moment, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be. It’s about realizing that even on my weakest days I get a little bit stronger, if I am willing to learn. Which is why, sometimes the greatest thing to come out of all my trouble and hard work isn’t what I get, but what I become.


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