Laughing is contiguous

When life brings big winds of change that almost blow me over, close my eyes, hang on tight, have faith and BELIEVE.

My Successes:

  • LCC & Care: It “looked” very busy there, I offered my support & everything was under her control. Well done! Please let me know when you need my support.
  • Support: He told me about this situation, I offered my support. He appreciated my action.
  • Care: He told me about my eyes & it was not OK with them & I thanked for his attentive action.
  • Care: I walked to the poli, asked for support & she scheduled me for an appointment. Thank you so much.
  • Take Action: Conjunctivitis, yes here we go & I needed antibiotics for my eyes! Pfff … my immune system was very busy this week.
  • Care & Love: He told me some “natural” remedies, I gotta use this at home.
  • Fun: I had fun with George, Ha I have heard his name too much & I needed to know EVERYTHING about him. Wahahahahaha, seriously! Do I need to?
  • Focus & Planning makes perfect: I worked on this task, I collected all the data I need. I had this clear plan, I finished it in one day. Woo Hoo.
  • Compliment: I appreciated his funny post, He made my day!
  • Sharing is caring: I shared this funny post, I created a brighter boring Friday for 16 persons (incl myself). Laughing is contiguous.
  • Take action: I did it myself & I was proud.
  • Speak my mind: Yes, I did & it was very cool. I liked our smile 😉
  • Care: My chiro took good care of me, I have got the best ” crack ” & it was good.
  • Care: I didn’t go to Yoga & I told her that I didn’t wanna infect everyone and I cared about our health. She appreciated my action & she sent me a “get well” text ❤

My Thoughts:

Don’t get caught up in judging and gossiping.  Don’t give in to the negativity and drama around me.  Be positive.  Give people a piece of my heart rather than a piece of my mind.  Life is too short to be spent talking about people and stirring up trouble that has no substance.  Instead, get caught up in being thankful and being way nicer than necessary.


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