I am thankful for nights that turned into mornings, friends that turned into family, and dreams that turned into reality.

My Successes:

§Care & Love: We had an fantastic lunch with my parents. We are so loved.
§Fun & joy: I had this great chat with my daddy bear, he told this old school things and it was awesome. I enjoyed this.
§Love: I had a great laugh with my mommy dear, she is a wonderful mom & she is the greatest.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my stories with my parents, I opened myself up & I enjoyed it.
§Me: It was great to be me.
§Woman-Flu: I was recovering, I cooked home made chicken soup for us & take it easy. I realized that I should take care of myself.
§Love: We had our Sunday date, we had yummy lunch in the city & I loved our quality time. It was lovely to be outside with my sweet baboo.
§Grateful: I am grateful for everything I have ~love~privilege~fun~dare~care~openness~I am perfect!
§Love: My dear girl Roma called me to hang out … Woo Hoo!
§LCC & support: I have got this request (again!), this issue should be solved and I asked for support. After our brainstorm session, we created these 2 situations, we gotta talk about it with the key users. It’s my privilege to be in this team, I loved our cooperation & care.
§My bad: She asked for my support then I helped her out. Then I have got this feedback, Oeps! I clarified that I did it & it wasn’t about my work and it was about this process! Okay, it was my bad to do it. It was alright to do our work according to the SOP. It was clear.
§We are cool: I was not amused last week, I was very clear about myself & I asked him ” do u still wanna talk to me?” He was actually happy to hear from me & he have learned his lesson.
§Fun: I enjoyed my quality with my sweet baboo. We had a good laugh.

My Thoughts:

Unhealthy relationships. – Choose my relationships wisely.  Being alone will never cause as much loneliness as the wrong relationships.  Be with people who know my worth.  I don’t need lots of friends to be happy; just a few real ones who appreciate me for who I am.  Oftentimes walking away has nothing to do with weakness, and everything to do with strength.  I walk away not because I want others to realize my worth, but because I finally realize my own worth.


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