Lost My Cool is not cool

If I don’t go after what I want, I’ll never have it. If I  don’t ask, the answer will always be no. If I  don’t step forward, I will always be in the same place.

My Successes:
§Beautiful day: I enjoyed our quality time in the city, we had a great fun.
§Love: my sweet baboo was always sweet to me & ever when I was grumpy.
§Lost my cool: I talked to him about my stressful day (yesterday) & he was the ear and I lost my cool after a short remark of this jack ass. Why didn’t people take their responsibility? That pissed me off and I can’t do much about it .. now, I realized that I pissed myself off & I was that jackass!
§Insight: Making mistake is human & making excuse is human too and We are a terrible human! When I identify my mistake & I stop, look, correct and take action, Then I learn from my mistake & I let myself grow.
§My nightmare: she thought that her fantasy was our reality, we were in a fucking huge problem. Oh SOP, please read the fucking manual.
§COE: We like wan tan soup & we cook this for our dinner.
§Support: We wanna get this present & I asked for support. Yes, they haven’t got this yet. Woo hoo.
§Shopping fun: We had a great chat with this young guy in the store, we shared our story and he was awesome!
§Love: I had a great chat with my dear friend, thanks for making me smile.
§Sindy Post: My handmade Xmas cards are ready. Woo hoo!
§I was a happy girl again!

My Thoughts:

Emotionally separate myself from my problems. – I am a living, breathing human being who is infinitely more complex than all of my individual problems added up together.  And that means I am more powerful than them – I have the ability to change them, and to change the way I feel about them.


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