Working for it

I may not be able to control every situation and its outcome, but I can control MY attitude and how I deal with it.

My Successes:

·         Love: I got a lovely hug before I left our house.  I really needed it.  Thank you so much.
·         Love: A simple “Hi” made me smile. Hello there 🙂
·         Love: I love my friendship with Q, he is my sweetheart and he always make me smile.  Well he is lovable.
·         Determination: No is No, I dared to say it and if necessary I will talk to everyone.  I didn’t give a fuck what you thought about me.
·         Support: I found a little bug, I asked for support & Phew!  We didn’t culture this specimen BUT we will do the other test with it.  Hmm this made me think again!  I appreciated her support.
·         Happiness: The new tests worked for me, gotta fix this nagging bug!  Go Sindy Go.
·         Love: My dear friend S was very busy lately, he texted me & told me about it.  It was sweet of him.  I love him very much (and he knows it)!
·         Sharing is caring: I shared my success with my dear girl, we had a good laugh & I appreciated our moment! Fun Fun.
·         Music was my first love: I heard this old school song on TV, I looked it up on you tube, Ha! I got it & it is now in my iTunes.
·         Problem solved: After lunch I have got energy to think again.  Hey, I got an answer! Wahahahaha I am so proud of myself.
·         Support: I asked for support, he was my star today.
·         Sherlock: It was fun to figure out why it went wrong & damage controle <checked>
·         LCC & Support: I asked for support and I am allowed to take this action.
·         Love your mistake: Oeps! The 6th this month, checked it & reported it. What was going on?
·         Love your mistake: Oeps! Yeah the user was never wrong & it was the system.  Why didn’t I hear about it when it happened?  It was the wrong question for this user. It was done & it was too late! Oeps.
·         Love: My dear texted me & he made me happy 😉 Thanks darling.

My Thoughts:

Stop wishing for it and start working for it. – Do what I have to do today so I can do what I want to do tomorrow.  Through the grapevine I may have heard that what I should want is “an easy life.”  But that’s not true, what I really want is a life I’m proud to have lived, and that takes work.  Because the only way that I can truly live, is if I grow.  The only way that I can grow is if I change.  The only way that I can change is if I learn.  The only way I can learn is if I’m exposed.  And the only way that I can become exposed is if I’m willing to put myself out there and work through life’s difficulties.  Do it!  It’s worth it!


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