I’ve got a friend

A friend who understands my tears is much more valuable than a lot of friends who only know my smile.

My Successes:

§Feedback: I appreciated his feedback, some of my successes actually reminded him that he was not alone. We had a great chat, shared our experience and we had a good laugh. Awesome 😉 Thank you so much.
§Compliment: I gave him a big smile & he thanked for it. He made so happy.
§Sharing is caring: I wrote my successes & I loved to share. It made me more happy when I inspired people.
§Negative feedback: this event reminded me the process in Source, I fucking hated it when they gave me negative feedback and it killed me. Now, I gave my negative feedback to a person & I totally hurt him. Well, truth hurts. I also realized that I was honest to him & I was loyal to myself and hey! Life is not only some smiles & sweet words.
§True friend: I love her direct negative feedback, I appreciated it. Thanks for taking good care of me & trust me. She was shocked & I told her that I needed more friends like her. you girl kicks ass!
§Let it go: I let it go and I like the lightness. This is peace in my head.
§Sharing is caring: I talked to my sweet baboo what was going on, his remarks were “What the hell!” hehe he gave me that grin 😛 He is the best!
§Birthday girl: My BD will come near soon, I love it & I also hate it. I waited for 12 months and it will be here soon. I love to meet my lovely family again! Oh .. presents … I love presents.
§Compliment: Thank you so much, I am not 32 years old 😉 She made me smile.
§Love: I texed my dear girl & I thought of her.
§Love: She appreciated my text & I made her day! ❤
§Fun: I had a good laugh with Q, we had a deal now !! Wahahahaha 😀

My Thoughts:

An emotional vampire is a person in my life—usually a person you care about—for whom there is no pleasing. No matter how hard I try to live up to that person’s expectations, I leave every encounter feeling completely drained; tired and hurt that yet again, my best efforts were not good enough.

My relationship with this person likely started out well—otherwise I wouldn’t be willing to tolerate the emotional abuse that now characterizes every meeting. Perhaps she’s my old college roommate who now only calls me to complain at length about her miserable job and poor marriage—and conveniently forgets to ask any questions about my life. Maybe he’s a buddy who always asks for my advice, but never ever follows anything I suggest, and never returns my calls.

I make excuses for their bad behavior. “She was just tired,” I tell myself. But as one insensitive interaction turns into two, and then into ten, I find it harder to make excuses. I begin to wonder why we were friends in the first place.

The truth is that relationships change, and some people are only meant to be in my life for a season. Some friendships are based on circumstance, the friendship may no longer work. This is okay. It’s part of life, and trying desperately to hang on to circumstances that no longer exist can create toxic friendships.


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