Destiny or Disaster

Happiness is valuing what you have, and enjoying the people, places, objects and events in my life for what they are. It’s about being and appreciating. And I can nearly always enjoy the things I have & the events happening around me when I make up my mind that I will.

My Successes:
*Sharing is caring: “Master of your own destiny OR master of your own disaster”  Just choose 😉 Thanks for the inspiration my dear. You bright up my day & thank you so much.
*Love: I got Chewy on my journal. Woo Hoo! That Shell ferrari guy needed to go back to the gas station. Thank you sweet baboo.
*Joy: I sang in the tram & <shake> <shake> .  I was happy girl & enjoyed my day 😉
*Naggers: Oh boy! Hell yeah, I did what I did & I kept my distance.
*Gratitude & Insight: Listening is a sincere attitude of the heart. A thoughtful question and a listening ear way well be the most powerful act of caring. Be sure I listen to understand, not to reply and hear myself talk.
*The power of love: The strongest love that makes me vulnerable. It’s about daring to reveal myself honestly, and daring to be open and fully disclosed over the long-term.  I open up, BE with the person I love and ALLOW myself to experience them authentically. I basically tear down my walls and feel every exquisite emotion, both good & bad.
*No Sorry: Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional.  It’s a sign that I have a big heart and I am not afraid to let others see it. Using my emotions is a sign of escape & excuses for myself.
*Support: She asked for my support, I loved her smile when it worked again!
*Support: He asked for my advice, we were on the same page & it was now his choice to choose. I appreciated his trust & openness.
*SMILE: This funny little bear bright up my day & I loved my smile 😉
*Fun: I had this unbelievable experience, heck! I broke my rules again & it was awesome. oh, YOU again.
*Free: Breaking my rules were awesome & why did I bring restriction in my life? Routine was Ok, some rules were OK and I just enjoyed this moment. I believe that my EGO didn’t like this 🙂 Wahahahahahaha … (p.s. as long as I don’t land in a prison or hurt myself or anyone, then my rules are irrelevant at certain point!)
*Sharing is caring: my dear girl told me about a TV program, we shared our successes & I shared my Beyond Doubt training experience & It was amazing.
*Love & Care: My dear John said hi & thanks for thinking of me 😉
*Support: “What did I do wrong?” yada yada yada … Shhhh! She asked for my support & with an never ending story … <breath in> <breath out> … “You did alright, sweet!” I told her to shut it and listen.
*Privilege & Proud: I am proud to be in this team & I am also proud & privilege to be in this hospital. I am proud of myself.
*Happiness: The results were great, it worked for me & what else do i want?
*Compliment: I gave my compliment to this awesome team. You guys rule.
*Care: Home made yummy food, I cooked this with love ❤

*Music was my first love: My Top 10 today
~Heart (Pet shop boy)
~A sky full of stars (Ghost Stories Live 2014) , <shake> <shake>
~You’re never fully dressed without a smile (Sia)
~Walks like Rihanna (The wanted) .. this is so funny, <shake> <shake>
~Heartbreak Warfare (John Mayer) .. he is too sexy ^^.
~Human (The killers)
~I’m so excited (The pointer sisters)
~Love Somebody (Maroon 5) .. he is also too sexy ^^.
~Brussels is on my side (Milow Live)
~Ayo Technology (Milow Live)


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