Thankful ~ Chance ~

I need to ignore what everyone else is doing and achieving. – My life is about breaking my own limits and outgrowing myself to live MY best life. I am not in competition with anyone else; plan to outdo my past, not other people.
My Successes:

§Early bird: I woke up early, we were ready for our Xmas weekend in Dusseldorf.
§LCC: I arranged the music, he drove safely & I made sure that he had enough rest 😉
§Fun in Oberhausen: Spontaneity, Fun and Joy in Oberhausen.  We did what we felt like & it was awesome.
§ATM: I wanted to get these cute cups, we walked kilometers to find a money machine. Then we talked to some frustrated Dutch people, one guy said: ” We dutch people in NL adjusted and adopted to anything too much, it was extreme” This opinion made me think.
It’s nothing wrong to adjust my life  and to adopt to my surrounding. Picking up cash for my fav cups, eating my fav food and having my quality time with my sweet baboo etc etc and it’s all Okay. We are adjusting & adopting all the time and my values never adjust.
§Joy: We had fun in the Xmas market & I was photo bombed by Sint. Wahahahaha <GRIN>
§Play like a kid: Why shouldn’t I play like a kid? I wanted to do it & i enjoyed it.
§CoE: we checked in, this dude stood too close behind me, talked too loud and I couldn’t hear what the receptionist wanted to tell. I turned around & Shhhh him. Back off mister.
§Care: Nap time after a long exciting trip, woo hoo!
§Chance: I have a chance, I do whatever I wanna do & I say whatever I wanna say. I am thankful to have this chance & I use it wisely.
§Limited world: When I stay in my box, then I limited my world & I limited my thought. My thought is unlimited and I don’t tend to do & think like the rest. I am unique.
§Center of the world: I am the center of my world. Outside my world, kids everywhere are the center of everyone’s universe.  Would I like this for the future? Would I like this for my future. Choose.
§Keep cool: 2 types of characters on my ” no no”  list: hypocrite & fake. I kept them away from me and it’s my choice. Keep cool & i don’t let their toxic behavior to pollute my world. It’s a choice too.
§Love: I had a great chat with Steve, I loved to hear from him & he challenged me. We shared many thoughts & ideas, we had so much fun. Thank you so much.
§ZEN: it was great to have my time, I didn’t run like crazy for others & I gave more attention to myself.
§Support: I offered my support all the time, it’s your call to get it. When they didn’t wanna get my support, it’s your call to giving it up. I can’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want. People are strong enough to stand up & ask.
§Beautiful: Everyone is beautiful to me. Yes YOU.
§Fun & Love: My sweet baboo told me that we should do more together. Working, resting & staying inside are not our goal of lives. We enjoyed our quality time & we enjoyed our lives together. Thanks for being there with me.
§Gratitude: I appreciated her help, she cleaned our house, she took good care of us & she deserved my love, my care & my gratitude. Thank you so much & she gave her compliment.

Something to be thankful for: Chance
I still have a chance. – Time is precious. Everything I know is ending. Not yet, but soon enough. What I must decide is what I want to do with the time I have left. If my lifespan was to expire this evening at the stroke of midnight, would I be at ease with how I have spent my time today? This is not a rhetorical question. Nothing is guaranteed. Someday, like many others are experiencing right this second, my time will expire. Don’t be afraid. Be alive in this moment and make the most of it. Right now is my chance


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