Thankful ~ Love ~

I can’t always explain or defend myself if they are determined to keep on misunderstanding me. How they interpret my words and actions is their own choosing, and how I protect my PEACE is mine.

My Successes:

§Warm greeting: Good morning hunny & It was great to hear from you.
§Soaking wet: The weather was really shitty, my pants was all wet & I was cold! I was not grumpy & I sang “What a wonderful world, Louis Armstrong” in the stormy rainy morning. I made my day 😉
§Sharing is caring: I delivered my Xmas cards for my colleagues, I loved their smiles.
§Compliment: I have got a sweet text from my dear friend, thanks for thinking of me!
§Breaking rules: Woo hoo and I did it again. Yes, It was awesome, it was fun & we loved it.
§Compliment: Thanks for making me laugh “They become my work of art” Wahahahaha 🙂
§Insight: Everyday is a learning process, we do all well & we all determine the happy day for ourselves.
§Say Hi: this little bear was back & it was good to hear from you 🙂 he made me smile.
§Planning makes perfect: The new up-to-dated classification gonna look damned good.
§CoE: I sent my mails, it’s done & I just waited for her answer. It worked for us.
§ZEN: I enjoyed my ZEN moment, it was quiet & my focus was sky high. I appreciated the silence, the quality of life and peacful atmosphere.
§Thinking of you: When I listened to this piece of music “love runs out, one republic”, then I thought of you. It was pretty awesome coz I have got your text. Thanks for thinking of me!
§Surprise: After my work I met my dear girl Johanna in the tram stop, we had our chit chat & it was great to see you,darling 😉
§Happiness: A simple cup of tea, it made my day. Lady Grey was yummy. ❤
§Music was my first love: I just can’t live without music, my Wednesday top 10:
What a wonderful world (Louis Armstrong & Kenny G)
What have I done to deserve this ? (pet shop boy)
When love comes to town (U2 & BB King)
Back to you ( Bryan Adams)
When will I be famous? (Bros)
When you loved me (Richard Marx)
When you say you love me (Josh Groban)
Slave to the music (James Morrison)
Cloud number nine (Bryan Adams)
The only thing that looks good on me is you (Bryan Adams)

Something to be thankful for ~ Love ~

It’s important to understand that love is not just about finding the right person, it’s about working with them to create the right relationship.   No.Matter.What.  We put in our effort day in and day out.  We’re willing to have the difficult conversations.  We fight, but we admit to our mistakes and apologize.  We argue, but make the effort to understand the other’s perspective.  Because every healthy relationship needs an argument every now and then… Long-term relationships, the ones that matter, are all about weathering the peaks and the valleys.


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