Imperfection of Perfection

No matter how much it hurts now, one day I will look back and realize it changed my life for the better.

My Successes:

§Saturday Date: I enjoyed our quality time & we did our Saturday routine.
§Kindness: The restaurant was very busy, this kind gentleman waved at me & told me that they gonna leave. Thank you so much!
§Support: My dear girl asked for my support, without any doubt & I would offer my support.
§Love: It was always lovely to hug my sweet baboo.
§ZEN: I didn’t feel like going out, we just stayed in & watched our TV programs. I enjoyed our quality time.
§LCC: When Tom tom didn’t work, we worked. Why did he get stressed out?
§Playing outside: We went to the pure markt in Amstelpark, it was a lovely day.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! It was a wrong pie (I ordered steak), it was Okay darling, lamb was fine for me too.
§Yummy pie: English pie, nom nom nom. Oeps! It was still cold inside, they reheated it for my & apologized for it.  It was Ok.
§Fun: We watch “bird”  for free, it was actually a prank & I laughed. The lady smiled back & winked at me.
§Fun: We went to a movie Penguins .. Oh Yeah! It was too funny.
§Excitement: I opened my door for new excitement. Woo Hoo.

MTS: Imperfection of perfection

I avoid the trap of trying to make things perfect.

Many of us are perfectionists in our own right. I know I am at times. I set high bars for myself and put my best foot forward. I dedicate copious amounts of time and attention to my work to maintain my high personal standards. My passion for excellence drives me to run the extra mile, never stopping, never relenting. And this dedication towards perfection undoubtedly helps me achieve results… So long as I don’t get carried away.

But what happens when I do get carried away with perfectionism?

I become disgruntled and discouraged when I fail to meet the (impossibly high) standards I set for myself, making me reluctant to take on new challenges or even finish tasks I’ve already started. My insistence on dotting every ‘I’ and crossing every ‘T’ breeds inefficiency, causing major delays, stress overload and sub par results.

True perfectionists have a hard time starting things and an even harder time finishing them, always.

Remember, the real world doesn’t reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done. And the only way to get things done is to be imperfect 99% of the time. Only by wading through years of practice and imperfection can I begin to achieve momentary glimpses of the perfection. So make a decision. Take action, learn from the outcome, and repeat this method over and over again in all walks of life.


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