My dignity for my destiny

When nobody else celebrates me, learn to celebrate myself. When nobody else compliments me, then compliment myself. It’s not up to other people to keep me encouraged. It’s up to me. Encouragement should come from the inside

My Successes:
§Miserable: Again, same shit different day and I just didn’t wanna fight anymore. I took tram 19 to the station & I was happy again. Being soaking wet was not funny.
§CoE: He simply put his words into my mouth, hmmm … I asked why he thought like this. Please explain.
§CoE: I asked about this issue, he shared his story with me & it was still unclear what it will happen.
§Organizing: The old paper was gone <checked> The closet was cleaned <checked> I am ready for 2015 <checked>
§Fun: The man cave fun continued. Lots of laugh 😉
§Focus: This document gotta be done, my focus was sky high & I missed my tea break.
§Compliment: I got cookies for myself, as a compliment for working hard. Oh, I shouldn’t forget my break!
§Support: She asked for my support, she appreciated it and I loved our smile.
§Sharing is caring: I just hated this stinky cheese time in the train, then they told all these gross cheese story. I am glad that I am lactose intolerance.
§Let it go: I got over this, I realized that I can’t do much about this and It was up to him to choose.
§Care: bed time & I really needed some rest.

Mistakes 2014 #6
I let the same people drain me over and over again. – People inspire me, or they drain me; choose them wisely.  Don’t lose my dignity and self-respect trying to make someone accept, love and appreciate me when they have proven that they are incapable of doing so.  If someone or something in life is meant for me, I will still have to work for it, but I won’t have to beg for it.  I will never have to sacrifice my dignity for my destiny. 


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