Simplicity #1: Let Go

I don’t need to be in a relationship to be a complete person — I am complete because of who I am, NOT because of who I am with.

To simplify my life in 2015 #1

Let GO of what was never meant to be. – Letting go is part of moving on to something better.  I will not get what I truly deserve if I am too attached to the things I am supposed to let go of.  Sometimes I love, and I struggle, and I learn, and I move on.  And that’s OK.  I must be willing to let go of the life I planned for so I can enjoy the life that is waiting for me.

My Successes:
§Excitement: I gotta start a new topic in my blog, I finished “about me” 😉 the readers should know me by now (haha)
§New idea: a new idea popped up in my mind. There are many complicated things in my life, just keep it simple & that’s the beauty after all.
§Inspiration: this comedy show on comedy central was my inspiration, everything went crazy in this world, everything is possible & just do it.
§Crea: Gave a new face lift for my blog. Woo Hoo!
§Love: I have got many Xmas greetings from my dear friends, I felt love, care & thanks for thinking of me. Kissssssss ❤
§Proud: Thank you darling Francisca, I am flattered & proud. I felt awesome to be YOUR inspiration.
§My Drive: I am grateful to hear your feedback and thanks for your love.
§Winner: It’s my day off, what else do I do ? I am the queen & the king of couch potato ! I am just lazy & proud of it.§
§The Best: we shared our quality time together, yummy food, great TV programs and good laugh.
§A lovely day ! Thank you so much.
§Prep: We gonna meet my family, I will cook my Sindy a la surprise and yes! I did my homework, it gonna be yummy!
§Music was my first love: I had my telly on & I just listened to music from 3FM Serious Request 2014. These guys are awesome.

All I want for Xmas is you
You are so beautiful
Chasing cars
All about the bass
Santa baby
Thinking out loud
Greatest love of all

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