Dutchie 101 – Language

Dutchie 101 – Language

In my whole life, I don’t dare to dream that I gotta write a blog because language is my handicap! When I moved to Netherlands my fear became bigger, what do they speak in NL? Dutch language is my nightmare & what do they talk about? I was lucky enough to go to an international schools, they spoke my languages & I was pleased that they understood me.
When I joined to the real dutch world, I learned many funny dutch words & the dutch people loved to show off their multilingual talents and they allowed me to speak my languages. “The more I wanna speak dutch, the more they speak English to me” 😉 Why? It’s because I have this American accent when I speak dutch, they told me.

5 funny Dutch words induce giggling and tickling my laugh muscles, in fact they have completely different (sometimes just innocent) meanings in Dutch:

1 Hoor: I hear this many times in NL, do they call me “whore”? <ja,hoor> <nee,hoor> <momentje hoor>
It’s not rude, they only mean “hear” when they paired with yes or no with it. It only means <yes,sure> to emphasize agreement. I would not use this when I spoke to an English/American friends. Oeps!
2 Maar: <Ja Maar = yes, but> <Nee maar = no, but> they couldn’t give me a clear answer & it’s sometimes very confusing. They are too polite to say a direct YES or NO and there are always a BUT.
3 Koek: they love cookies/biscuit or what? <Dat is andere koek =it’s other cookie=it’s a different story> <Oude koek=it’s an old cookie=old school history> <Koek en ei=cookie and egg=as thick as thieves>. I am a cookie monster and they just made me smile.
4 Handschoenen: In my lab-tech good Ol’ time, I need to wear <handschoenen=hand shoes> gloves for my work and what the heck they mean?
5 Mierenneuker: Thanks for those “ant fuckers” & I always wondered how they achieve this mini-coupulation. It describes someone who frets & fusses over completely insignificant details. Oh hell yes, welcome to the world of “nit picker”

Words are words, I love Dutch expression & I love the challenge!


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