Dutchie 101: Yummy Food

Dutchie 101 – Food

“Food connecting people”, in a lunch time, dinner party or in a party.  We ate & we talked about food.  I always wondered why my co-workers liked to look what I had for lunch, then they gave me feedback. My standard lunch was: sandwich with banana, sandwich with lever sausage, a bowl of soup and OJ. It’s nothing typical “Chinese” and it was yummy.  I realized that they perhaps were disappointed by me because I didn’t choose anything exotic, spicy Chinese food for my lunch. Oh Heck! I like some of the dutch food, no cheese ( I am lactose intolerant) and I like different kind of yummy food for my tummy!
Dutch food is very interesting, I like most of them and I will mention my top 5:

1. Bitterballen & Kroket

I have lived here for 27 years,  I still burned my mouth when I bite through these deep-fried HOT snacks  in a cafe.  It really made me cry! These savory orbs are battered in a crunchy breadcrumb coating & filled with a gooey mixture of ground beef and stuff. They are typically served with mustard for dipping.
Oh a cousin to the bitterbal is the bigger, oblong shaped Kroket (Croqette), it is originated from France. I enjoy it as a sandwich on a soft bun with Kipkerrie kroket (chicken curry croqette), mmmm they served them in our hospital and they make my day!


I love dark chocolate ❤ Sinterklaas & Chocolate letter, one of the best goodies in the cold December. This goodie made of chocolate in the form of a letter. The letters are usually chosen for the recipient’s first name. I will get an “S” when I am a good girl (Grin!)I always think that it’s not fair to have a first name start with I, L, O or T. The M and W letters look the largest, though all letters weigh the same amount. Oh darnit!

3. Poffertjes

Comparing to Dutch or American pancakes, these cute fluffy pancakes made with yeast and buckwater flour. These tasty treats are served with powdered sugar, butter or with my favorite strawberries (nom nom nom ;p) Poffertjes are traditionally consumed in fall and winter when stands selling the delicious snack at outdoor markets. They are usually served on a little paper plate with a tiny fork. The wind blowing the powdered sugar around covering my face and clothing in white dust is part of the fun. Ew!
Oh well, we can order this deli in the pancake restaurant too.

4. Stroopwafels

A delicious chewy cookie, stroopwafel (syrup waffle) was first made in the town Gouda in Netherlands and this snack is a waffle cookie made from two thin layers of batter with a sticky syrup filling in the middle. They can be purchased in packages at nearly every supermarket and bakery in the Netherlands. At work, when a colleague treat us with the stroopwafel during our tea break and it means that they are expecting a baby! Congratulation.

5. Stamppot

Traditionally served during winter time, stampot (mash pot) might just be the epitome of Dutch cuisine. This dish consists of mashed potatoes mixed with vegetables like carrots (hut spot) and is served with smoked sausage and never forget to dig a little “pond” in my stampot for the gravy .. nom nom Oh Yeah!
When I was the interne, I heard this old school dutch song before my lunch ” Zuurkool met vette jus, soep vooraf, ja dat is mijn menu ..Vette Jus by Sjef van Oekel” ( translation: Sauerkraut with greasy gravy, Soup beforehand, yes it’s my meal ..” It was a funny song when I was hungry and I never forget this 😉


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