Should do in 2015 #2: Being Happy

In order to become the person I am meant to be, living the amazing life I am meant to live, sometimes I have to go through hard times. Sometimes I have to be broken down so that I can learn, grow, release and re-calibrate. When times are tough, remind myself that what is happening to me is happening for a reason.

To Do in 2015 #2:Being Happy

Start making my own happiness a priority. – My needs matter.  If I don’t value myself, look out for myself, and stick up for myself, I am sabotaging myself.  Remember, it is possible to take care of my own needs while simultaneously caring for those around me.  And once my needs are met, I will likely be far more capable of helping those who need me most.

My Successes:

§Birthday fun: we had a kid BD party last night, what a bless! We party people were great.
§Love: My dear sis & brother-in-law shared their loves, their care, their time with us. We enjoyed our family quality time!
§Sharing is caring: My sis shared her story with me, heck! It was healthy to do weird thing, it’s not shocking at all and relax! Anyway it was awkward and I did my memory erase!
§Trust: I appreciated her trust and it was awesome to be there for her.
§Polite: I helped out in the party, those guests stood there with their babies (didn’t react or didn’t move at all) and I didn’t speak for them, they should do whatever they wish! My help was done.
§Culture shock: Being a naughty-active-banana, I got a culture shock with these polite-passive-examples … what the … ? Just sit, observe and wait for luck! Oh man, I have lived here too long. OR Do I gotta get more polite-passive-examples friends?? … that’s a tough one.
§IKEA: we were in IKEA, we looked for a new glass display case (closet) and we got them. I have got 2 insights from this:

1) How many engineers do we need for 1 glass closet?
2) A glass closet/a chair is just an object, we “let” it to determine how STUPID we are! Cry out loud … there is this Fu*king manual with illustration!
Next to the Essence training, IKEA is a great experiential learning place! When you make it, the results are marvelous!

§CoE: I told my sweet baboo when he needed my support, please said so and I didn’t read mind and didn’t assume anything. When I didn’t hear any clear instruction and I wouldn’t move! It worked for us.
§Support: after some screaming, I supported my sweet baboo and we had one more chairs! <Grin>
§LCC: He was just exhausted, I finished the chair and we were happy! They looked great.
§Care: I ironed shirts and took some action on this quiet Sunday.
§Insight: When I am strong & feel secure about Who and What I am, then the remarks from others don’t matter to me anymore! Why do I make them happy & do what they say? Who is the boss in my life?
§Sharing is caring: I saw this crea video on FB, I shared with my crea bea girls, I gotta do it. Woo Hoo 🙂
§Holding hands:  I read this shit about 2 guys held their hands on the street in India. People posted hateful & disrespectful remarks and I just replied:

Gay or not to be gay, it’s a personal sexual preference. Those homophobic make so much noise & remarks showed me that they are just afraid! They are insecure and they are victims too. Stop judging what gay’s people do .. look at yourself in the mirror .. you are not better than them as a human being !!


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