Should do in 2015 #3: Being Grateful

The best thing in life is finding someone who knows all my mistakes and weaknesses, and still thinks I am completely amazing

To Do in 2015 #3:

Start noticing how wealthy I am right now. – Even when times are tough, it’s always important to keep things in perspective.  I didn’t go to sleep hungry last night.  I didn’t go to sleep outside.  I had a choice of what clothes to wear this morning.  I hardly broke a sweat today.  I didn’t spend a minute in fear.  I have access to clean drinking water.  I have access to medical care.  I have access to the Internet.  I can read.  Some might say I am incredibly wealthy, so remember to be grateful for all the things I have.

My Successes:

§LCC: Yesterday I helped out a school kid in the tram, he didn’t have enough cash with him, he told the security honestly. I offered my help for his ticket fee & this kid didn’t need to check in. I loved their smiles on their faces.
§Proud: I was proud of myself, I did a tiny thing to bright up OUR day. They appreciated my support!
§Joy of Enjoying: One of my DOS (definition of success) is joy. I should enjoy more, take it easy and take more actions without listening to the “little noise” in my head!
§Sharing is caring; I was proud of myself & I shared my successes. My Blog inspired others and this made me happy.
§Energy: I loved the positive energy of this team MILE2, awesome people & I am too excited. Woo Hoo!
§Support: Gertine supported me, drove me home safely and we had a great talk in our trip! Fun.
§Support: Gertine asked for my support, we gonna have fun with FB.
§Support: She offered her support & we will travel together for Team building. Yeah! We “scored” at least 3 successes (per person) in one conversation. It was awesome!
§Fear to Power: Oh myyy … marketing! It was one of  these “not-my-things”, I felt uncomfortable <breath in> <breath out> I went for it.
§Challenge: I accepted this challenge! Planning & Action!
§Care: I left my office on time, got my sandwich & fruit for my quick dinner! I had a great evening with you guys, thank you so much.
§Goodness: Maggie is my buddy. Woo hoo! ❤
§Love: My buddy texted me this morning, she made me smile & I looked crazy in the tram while I read her text. (haha)
§LCC & Support: I asked for support, I texted my dear friends.
§Out of my comfort zone: I wrote a blog on the intranet about the Essence. It’s called “Invest in yourself”. I did my marketing, I shared my successes <Bam> I did it and wait for results.
§Oeps: Our dept communication erased my blog on intranet, the reason was it was commercial. Oh heck! I was disappointed 😦
§Support: I was disappointed, I asked for support & I called Marcelita. What did I do wrong in the process? oh my Ego!
§Care & Love:I appreciated Marcelita’s support & why did I make marketing such a big monster? I should make my monster  fun or cute <Bling …Insight!>
§My Power: I switched negativity to positivity and I am happy again! 😉 Thank you so much, sweetie darling ❤
§Quality time: I asked my sweet baboo to go out for dinner with me ❤ I am excited to hang out with him.
§Excitement: My positivity excited me! It is the fuel of my fire. Woo Hoo 😉
§Proud: I was a happy bunny again. Relight my fire (Grin)


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