MILE2 E2015 #1

If they made a monster out of me because I walked away from their drama, so be it. Let them deal with what they have created. Be at peace with myself, and stay out of the conflict.

My successes:

§Feedback: I have got feedback about my blog, I appreciated his remarks & suggestions. I was speechless. Thank you so much.
§Love my mistake: Yesterday I didn’t read her mail completely, I missed some information & my name was on the log (oeps!) now I finally got the clue. ~Lesson~ COE is the key, asked!
§SLCTA: I replied her mail, clarified the issue and apologized. My mistake is corrected & I sent my feedback to my TBC colleague.
~Lesson~ Before taking proper action, I should understand the whole story. COE & feedback.
§Inspiration: My dear friend texted me & thanked for my blog … huh? My blog made him happy & I was pleased.
§Kick Ass: After 2 frustrated days about this MISPL, I was on the edge of  “giving up”. <Bing> I figured out that it was a little mistake in the QC orders. <Ha!> . MISPL, Osiris & GLIMS I kicked your ass! My MISPLs worked and I was so happy. Giving up is not in my book.
§Proud: I was proud for my creativity: 5 ways to build this MISPL. I was proud for being flexible & Let the issue go. Lightness made me feel good. I was very proud of me.
§Love your mistake: I sent a mail to my colleagues about this “little” mistake, Oeps! When I wanna get the correct data then we need to do it in a right way.
§Care & Joy: I had my lunch date, we walked together, had a great chat and it was awesome.
§Feeling good: I felt good after our lunch walk, extra fresh air gave me extra energy. It was awesome!
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes & we talked about the issue of stress. I shared my story about Essence, she was proud of me.
§Proud: I did my marketing, I got an answer “Aha!” and it was OK. I was proud that I did it. It was easy in a lighter way! Yes, I can do it.
§Compliment: I appreciated our friendship and I told her so. She was shocked 😉
§COE: Her way of communication didn’t work for me at all, I clarified my stand point and I want a cooperation, team work & clear communication with her. She appreciated my honesty & trust, we had a good conversation & the best part was that I loved her smile again (she cried when I told her so … pfff).
§Compliment: I gave her my compliment & I appreciated her contribution at work!
§Fun: my friend was in town for few days , had a drink & chat after work and we had fun, I loved it 😉
§Love: I called my dear sweetie Marcelita, I appreciated her love, support, inspiration and leadership. I was loved ❤
§Goal 2:saving 5 euro per day from lunch, I will bring my own sandwiches and will start my driving lesson soon.
§LCC & Love: I will start our diet at home too, more veggie, fruit & movement. My sweet baboo with be on diet with me. <Woo Hoo!>
§Love & Support: I loved Maggie’s support, we inspired each other & I love her more ❤
§Compliment: I gave my buddy my compliment, she is great .. she is great.
§Compliment & Feedback: I have got a compliment from Eva, I appreciated her feedback & she made my day! <SMILE>


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