MILE2 E2015 #5

MILE2 E2015 #5
Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence:

Just Saying:
I just call to say I love you !

My Successes:

~Care: My stomach hurt this morning, I took care of myself & took a tram to the station nearby (instead of walking in the rainy storm). I didn’t wanna fight against my body. Well, monthly problem & I didn’t call in sick! Heck xD
~Challenge: I got a challenge from my darling sweetie, I accepted it. Game on!
~Monster: I genuinely dislike marketing, it was a monster for me and I disappointed myself when they said no. I took it too personally & my own Ego was in my way! After a good conversation with Marcelita and a clear instruction in the team building, I should make this monster cute & funny and I went for it.
~Monsters: I invited 5 persons for the workshops. Yeah! Kicked the monster.
~Event: An unhappy colleague had a problem and her problem was still unclear to me. I repeated my questions & She said that it was my mistake (?!) Before I gave my feedback I counted 30 minions! then I gave my feedback (normally I become explosive!). I told her that I needed to verify & clarify this issue. I was very sure that I followed my procedure.
~Proud & Clarification: I was calm after this event, I was proud of myself. I called some departments to clarify this issue and they let me know that our agreement with them was correct. I love our cooperation.
~Compliment: I appreciated their support. The doctor appreciated my feedback and he thanked for my clarification. This issue was indeed very complicated!
~Feedback: I gave my feedback to my angry colleague, I just replied “we did perfectly well, we followed our procedure & thanks for your feedback” then I heard BUT BUT BUT . <counting 30 minions again> I told her “You did well too!”
~Proud & Lightness: I was proud of myself. I didn’t give a fuck for opinion. I felt stronger and I didn’t need to use force to solve “problem”. I was a happy bunny 😉
~Happiness: I read Maggie’s & Marcelita’s successes, they inspired me, made me smile again & happy Sindy was back in town. Woo Hoo.
~Action time: I invited my FB girl friend to the workshop, her answer was no and it was OK for me.
~Proud: I liked the marketing process, I felt good to share & invite. ha 😉 I love my little monster ❤
~Lunch date: I missed my lunch date, where was she? I walked alone & it was good to get some fresh air.
~SLCTA & COE: I went to my lunch date, I gonna check with her tomorrow in the break ( I didn’t check today!Oeps.), then we will decide go out or stay in and we agreed.
~Fun: I had a good laugh with my colleagues in the tea break. Yeah, I got extra O2 from laughing.
~Love: My dear friend texted me, he always made me smile. Thanks Q 😉 He read my blog & gave me his compliment.
~Care: A lady felt unwell, I asked her about it and she appreciated my care. She had her mirgraine.
~Care: It was busy in the tram, I gave my seat for this guy, he appreciated my care & I loved his smile.


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