MILE2 E2015 #7

(MILE) Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence:

Just Saying:
LET IT GO ~ Don’t ruin a good today by thinking a bad yesterday.

My Successes:
§Love my monster: I got a YES from a friend, he will join us on 27-1  and I was excited.
§Insight: When I take it light, then I do it for fun and don’t take everything too personally. It’s a choice!
§Care: I called in sick & stayed home. Usually I would go to work & suffered.
§Care: I have got many warm greetings from great people in my life, I was loved.
§ZEN: I slept, slept & slept more. That’s what my body need today.
§Disappointment: I called in sick & I missed our labuitje at work. I was disappointed, Heck! it happened and I am more important than a work party.
§Energy: I read the successes from my team mates, I got the power! You guys are great!
§Recovering: more sleep & Ciao!


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