MILE2 E2015 #8

MILE2 E2015 #8
Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
The best feeling in the world is finally knowing I took a step in the right direction. A step towards the future where everything that I never thought possible, is possible.

My Successes:

~Happy: I felt much better, ready for my day. Yeah!
~Love my mistake: Oeps! It was the wrong code, my colleague reported to me. It was corrected & appreciated her feedback.
~Love: My colleagues greeted me & told me about the labuitje. It was wonderful. The best news was that our lab will stay in the same building HA!
~Love: I appreciated their care for me and they were happy to see me again! 🙂
~LCC & Support: I talked to Patricia, it was great.
~COE: My colleague asked for my support, I gave my direct instruction & no more no less. Then NIVEA (Niet Invullen Voor Een Ander) happened, she assumed things and  I clarified this with her .. Aha!
~Present: I was not in our labuitje, I have got a free entrance ticket from my boss. Thank you so much!
~Energy & empowerment: I got extra energy by reading successes, I gave my feedback too and my smile got bigger 😉
~Support: I offered my support, called me when you needed help. She appreciated my offer, so far so good.
~Lovely: It was great to walk outside during my lunch, it was lovely, I enjoyed our company and I got more energy from the sun.
~Feedback: I got a “No” from a colleague, “That’s Okay & thank you”. It’s nothing personal & I got it.
~Challenge: When I got a No, I challenged myself to invited 3 more friends to the workshop! Game on.
~Marketing: I invited 3 more friends to the workshop. I learned to love my monster.
~Trust: I heard some shocking stories about an issue, I appreciated his trust & his care and now I got it why certain things happened this way. Oh myyy … It was hefty and I kept my eyes (and ears) open!
~Fun: I had fun with my ICT colleague, we laughed our asses off. Yeah, I was a pain something .. laugh muscle ache hates me <haha>
~Snoopy: I appreciated Erika’s warm email, I sent a snoopy picture to her. You know what, she is also a snoopy fans! Woo Hoo, awesome!
~Compliment: I read Maaike’s successes, they just made me smile after a busy morning. I gave my compliment & You rock beautiful ❤
~NIVEA & Love your mistake: ” Oh they did it & yada yada …” I heard this too often. I fixed the problem then judged. Aha … We made this mistake & not them! I reported this.
~Opinion: I didn’t take her opinion too personally (normally I would upset myself) and It’s fine & I knew how it worked. <Smile>
~Lightness & Proud: When I don’t give a fuck, then I am few kilos lighter and it was not my thing. I am proud of me.


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