MILE2 E2015 #11

Just Saying:
Let someone love me just as I am. As flawed as I might be, as unattractive as I might feel, as unaccomplished I might think I am; let someone love me just as I am. And let that someone be ME.

My Successes:
~ LCC: My stand by was over, “handed over” to my ICT co-worker & talked about the coming projects and development in the dept.
~Love: My ICT co-worker gave me his bear hug, I appreciated his sincerest condolence. Thank you so much.
~Love my mistake: Oeps! I forgot to bring my wallet .. again!
~SLCTA: I had lucklily 10 euro in my backpack somewhere, I had a sandwich for lunch.
~Empowerment: Junior had a bad day today, I totally understood and he was frustrated! I empowered him to do it with “love, care & cooperation” and we didn’t need to do like “what they do”. I liked our SMILES.
~Compliment: I gave a huge compliment from Erika, thank you girl, you rock. We had so much fun !!
~DOS #4: more marketing, I will do it differently & more challenging: personal appraoch, no FB, no whatsapp & face to face!
~Energy: I appreciated the feedback from Patricia, I loved her energy, we clarified our conversation and I was proud of her. Well done, darling ๐Ÿ˜‰
~Proud: My positivity makes me proud. Love from everyone makes me proud. I am proud of me.
~Fun: we had a good laugh during our tea break, hehe people were too funny.
~Openness & Love: I talked to my lunch date about my grand dad, our culture differences and she shared a beautiful stories with me.
~WTF: I am proudly support Gertine, we had fun, we shared our successes & it was awesome! *Welcome To Facebook ( WTF!)
~Care: I visited my chiropractor, he took good care of me <cracked> my back was in good condition.
~Support: I didn’t have my wallet, I couldn’t pay & I gotta pay my fee via Internet banking at home! no problem at all! Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚
~Music was my first love: I explored more new music, I got some new songs & I love it! Happy me x

~Love & Care: I chatted with my dear friends, shared my successes & they always made me smile! I am loved ๐Ÿ˜‰

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