MILE2 E2015 #12

MILE2 E2015 #12 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
There comes a time in life when  I’ll have to leave everything behind and start something new, but never forget the ones who stood by my side, especially the ones who NEVER gave up on me.
My Successes:
~Compliment: I give myself a compliment everyday, that’s the way I start my day and I put a pretty sticker on my journal. I love stickers!
~Compliment: I shared my compliment with my dear girls, you people rock the party & my world! Woo Hoo ❤
~Compliment: I thanked my sis’s support, really appreciated her way of arranging things! Top class.
~LCC & COE: “Spring clean up” in our lab system, I clarified when the dealine will be, I had other Prio ONE projects on my desk and need more time to take this action. I need feedback 😉
~Sharing is caring: I shared my stories with my boss, he shared his sadness with me about his family (he passed away recently!) and I really appreciated his kind words.
~Lightness: I see “live & death” as a natural process, when it comes to close and I feel uncomfortable & sad. hey! It’s not the end of everything 😉 <breath in> <breath out> I am Okay again.
~Opinion & Ego: Yeah I agree with your opinion and I appreciated your feedback. Normally I will raise my fence and leave my “remarks” <BAM>. My Ego was bigger than my head!
~Naughty & Fun: I teased my colleague, she warned me … we had a good laugh! Yes, I am a naughty girl today! 😛
~Love my mistake: Oeps! I did everything myself, my colleague may do this herself too. I identified my mistake, I stop look correct take action and I told her to go to that key user. Peace in my head!
~Insight: When I let things go & other may take their own responsibilities too, then I feel lighter and I create cooperation with others.
~Love our mistake: An angry doc had a complain, my colleague asked for my support and I found out that we made this mistake in the setting! OEPS! I apologized, corrected and reported it. She was pleased & I was happy.
~Feedback: I sent a mail to my ICT colleagues & we gotta pay attention to this tiny issue. They thanked for my support & feedback. Happy team! Normally it will be finger pointing & Blaming. ( what for ?)
~Love your mistake: The other angry person called, she didn’t get her feedback from that complain & I gonna let my colleague know! OEPS! We got the wrong email address, I knew the contact number (always handy!) and I supported her.
~Leadership & lightness: I was proud of myself, I did my thing really well today and I got my compliment! Thank you so much.
~Challenge: I invited 3 friends to BYL, 1 maybe, 2 will get back to me and I did it. Happy joy joy.
~Care: I cooked after work even though my sweet baboo stayed at home. I was tired and hungry .. Heck! I didn’t get angry & he is sick too!

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