MILE2 E2015 #14

MILE2 E2015 #14 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just saying:
I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring and the only thing I really have is right now. So, don’t stay angry for too long and learn to forgive. Love my friends and family with all my heart. Have fun and live my life the way I want to live it. Most of all, don’t worry about people that don’t like me and enjoy the ones who do.

My Successes:
§Speak up: In our work meeting, one remark about the evaluation was ” we suggested to divide people in group, slow, fast …” Wait a minute, do u know what you are talking? Are we gonna put label on people’s forehead? I spoke up & disagreed. My boss gave me a big smile and a wink!
§Empowerment: one of my colleagues spoke up in the meeting too, she felt that she was being attacked by this bullshit remark. I talked to her and empowered her to speak up! When thing didn’t work in our team, then we all need to speak up & corrected. I liked her smile.
§LCC & Challenge: Eva text me about the briefing for Room Res, I am excited and game on my lady!
§Joy: it was my day off after a week standby, I slept in and I loved it.
§Care: It’s time to go to my hairdresser, appointment is set.
§Openness: I usually didn’t talk in the hairdresser, we started to talk about the weather, then she told me about her hospital experience and then we shared some stories. We had a good time.
§Pretty: I look pretty with my new hair do! I am happy.
§Love: My daddy bear invited me to have lunch in the weekend. Woo Hoo! Yes dad!
§Action: I invited 3 persons to BYL, 3 NO’s hit my face. Alright, it’s my party 😉 I moved on!
§Love: I got a lovely text from my dear friend, he made me smile & we had a great chat ❤
§Care: Yoga evening, Yeah! It was good.
§Monsters: I loved to read Maggie’s successes & I got a lovely picture from her ❤ Thank you so much darling. Our monster is too cute!


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