MILE2 E2015 #15

MILE2 E2015 #15Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
My Four Agreements 1. Be Impeccable with my Word 2. Don’t Take Anything Personally 3. Don’t Make Assumptions 4. Always Do My Best

My Successes;

~Cold & Joy: It was colder, I enjoyed walking in the morning.
~Love: I text my dear friend & simply said good morning. I haven’t heard from him for long time, he was very busy.
~Action: I invited 2 friends to BYL, 2 No’s again! I was OK with it & I followed my agreement #2 (Don’t take anything personally)!
~Determination & COE: My day started with a strange event, my colleague doubted about this procedure, I wasn’t in this field & I told her to the QC folks. Normally I helped her directly! <Ha> She may do this herself now!
~Self Trust: I had a very busy, eventful day. I was simply shocked from all these mistakes & my boss reported this directly to me. OUCH!  Usually I blamed myself automatically that it was my mistakes ! I counted 30 minions then reacted.<BAM> <Calm>
~Love your mistakes (4x) & LCC: I figured out that my colleagues made these mistakes, I reported to my boss. I suggested what I can do to improve & correct this issue in our system.
~COE & Support: after our clear meeting with my boss & the unithoofd, I gotta send a mail to the team & to clear some air!
~Love my mistake: It was my mistake in this MISPL, I also reported it, did my damage control & now it was all fine. We realized that it was just the cut off value.
~Lightness: I was proud of me that I handled all these events with lightness, self trust and clear communication. Everyone was happy & damage is fixed.
~Support: my colleague asked for my support, I suggested that we should making plan, communicate with the key users then I will take action. No input & No output and that’s how GLIMS & I work.
~Support: My boss asked for my support, I took action and she was pleased.
~COE & Support: I appreciated Marcelita’s support, she corrected my mistakes, I will do better next time. Thank you so much!
~Fun: I hanged out with my ICT team, woo hoo! We had a good time.
~Event & COE: I read this event from my dear sisters, we should be clear about our situation & just say No.
~Compliment: I gave my compliment to my dear sis, she is the greatest & love her lots.
~Excitement: The Sun, the energy and my drive. Go for it! I made my day.


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