MILE2 E2015 #17

MILE2 E2015 #17 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
What my heart says is sometimes uncomfortable or unpleasant. But it is always the truth. And a life lived in truth is better than one embedded in a lie.

My Successes:
§Good Day: I got a lovely text from Maggie, her successes, her love and her care made me smile big time. Thank you darling.
§Compliment: I was your inspiration, the best compliment I have ever got. I was proud of me & you.
§Support: My boss asked for my support, the extra data was on its way! I liked his smile. He appreciated my action.
§COE: I talked to my colleague about his negative remark last week. I clarified what my interpretation was. We behaved like a professional & we can communicate normally! I was pleased that I cleared the air.
§Support & COE: my colleague asked for my support, she followed my standard procedure & we were happy.
§Lightness & Focus: It was a very busy, chaotic day, my focus was sky high. With my lightness, I created space for myself, I was happier & more productive. Most of the CITO tasks were done! I was super proud.
§LCC & make it work: This new setting worked, I gotta expand these changes and I am allowed to proceed. Me likey!
§COE: I told Marcelita that our appointment was not on my calendar, I was very busy at work and can’t call her back. We set our new appointment, it worked for us.
§Surprise: A dear girl friend texted me about her new experience in her store, her customers were my boss and it was funny! They told her about me & it’s the small world. It was great to hear from her.
§COE: it was an unclear mail, they complained about we did too much than they expected. I clarified & asked for more examples.
§Feedback & love your mistake: OEPs! It was not our mistake, he just mixed up different reports from different labs. He apologized & I gave him my compliment and I appreciated our cooperation. <SMILE>
§Fun: I remembered to have fun in my busy day, I had a great time with my dear friend/colleague. I loved our smile. Laughing is good for us xD
§Energy: Reading your successes boosted my energy. Thank you so much.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my cup cakes with my sweet baboo, he was my test panel :0) It was approved. Well done.
§LCC; I reported this event, I let the boss to handle this. I did my part & no more no less.
§Care: Feet up, Simpsons on TV & I was a happy girl.


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