MILE2 E2015 #20

MILE2 E2015 #20 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
here comes a time in my life when I walk away from all the drama and the people who create it.  Learn from the bad and focus on the good. Love the people who treat me right and pray for the ones who don’t. Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life. Getting back up is living.

My Successes:
§Love my mistake: OEPS!  The report didn’t show again, my boss sent her mail & I need to fix it. I checked this in the test area & got the solution … SLCTA worked big time for me. I gave them feedback & it was my bad.
§Self-Trust: I didn’t consider my Ego anymore, I stated that it was my mistake & I gotta do something about it.  Normally I would feel guilty, worried about what they though about me & I felt that I was a loser. Well, I made mistake.
§Enjoy: I enjoyed my weekend with my parents. I didn’t work extra to fix my shit. Monday is Monday. Normally I would take direct action, worked too hard & worried.

§Feedback: I got the feedback from my boss, we gotta talk to the team first.
§Love: I called my dad for his birthday, my mommy dear answered the phone & we met up in the city.
§Fun: I skyped with beary, he was back home again & we had a great chat. We didn’t need to talk everyday, we appreciated our friendship, care , fun & love.
§Leadership: ” I basically don’t need to do anything, just give instruction” , <huh?>  It is a challenge. To be a boss is different from a leader. Normally I would grab everything & do it myself. Cooperation, oh Yes please.
§Double date & Fun: We had a great time in our hang out place. Happy birthday dad ❤
§Sharing is caring: we shared some funny stories, we had a fun time.
§Shopping  & win-win: Since I needed to buy present for the BD boy, he likes what he chose & I paid for it. My present hunt is done & he likes them. Woo Hoo!
§Compliment: I appreciated the great “hang out” idea of my sweet baboo. Thank you darling.
§LCC: My Sweet Baboo tanked his car & I cleaned the windshield. We finally had a clear view 😉
§Sharing is caring: Our hang out place is normal to us, my parents loved it and they “felt” like that they were on vacation. I was pleased that they had a good time.
§Simplicity & Happiness: a simple phone call, a simple question, a simple answer .. all together we had a greatest Saturday with love, joy & happiness.
§Love & Care: sweetie darling Marcelita texted me & offered me the carpool next week. Thanks for thinking of me. I love you , girl ❤
§Compliment: My mommy dear thanked us & they enjoyed our quality time.


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