MILE2 E2015 #23

MILE2 E2015 #23 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
Don’t feel bad removing people who love to create their own chaos. My allegiance is to my peace of mind, not their opinion of me.

My Successes:

~Support: I offered my support & gotta pick up my sweet baboo’s shoes in the city after work.
~Feedback: I got a place to crash during the training. Woo Hoo! Thank you so much , Hans & Maggie.
~Care & Love: Maggie sent my a text about my cat allergy. They have a cat! heck … I won’t hug this kitty. I appreciated her car for me ❤
~COE: Michael texted me that he was sick home, I needed to give him feedback about the status of the test. Get well soon darling 😉
~Feedback & COE:  I texted Eva & Robin and told them that I sent them my new update room plan. Yes I did it. (phew ..)
~Care: Robin was sick, sent my best regards =)
~Challenge: Speed marketing for the info evening, I asked 2 friends & I got NO’s. <next!>
~Focus: I started to test this project, my focus was sky high & I finished it in the morning then I asked for feedback.
~LCC & feedback: I got her feedback, she needed extra adjustment and game on!
~Love my mistake: I sent out mail to our team about this new tasks. Oeps! I got the wrong data. I asked for support. Thanks for the correction =)
~Love your mistake: I got the wrong data, oh heck! I sent one more “update” mail to the team. It was OK after all.
~Feedback: The tasks worked and I was happy .. BUT .. this piece of data needed to be in the Bact Order. Oeps!
~Love my mistake: I didn’t see this actually & I gotta fix this tomorrow. Thanks for your feedback.
~Care: I loved to read Q’s text, thanks for my big smile. 🙂
~Thankful & Fun: I was truly grateful for getting all your support for PAs. I chatted to some of the “old-friend”, It was fun.
~Good for me: I had 2 busy days, I treated myself M&M for afternoon snack. nom nom nom ❤
~Compliment for myself 😉 I did well, I kept everything light and my world was brighter. I enjoyed the crazy busy day!
~Support: I got Eva’s support. Thank you so much!
~Support: I had a trouble with the cron. What the hell! I sent out my SOS mail & asked for support <I was in the middle of this test> … it was a problem on the server side.
~Fun: The silly man made me laugh & I told him that it must be the gnomes in our network .. Wahahahaha ! shit happened sometimes.


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