MILE2 E2015 #27

MILE2 E2015 #27 Motivation ~Internalisation~Learning~Excellence runner Essence

Just Saying:
Life is about trusting myself and my feelings. Not being afraid to take chances. It’s about losing and finding special people and learning to value all the memories I have, good or bad. Learning from the mistakes I make and accepting that certain people in my life will change.

My Successes:
§Saturday routine: I slept in & I loved it.
§Saturday Date: My sweet baboo asked me to go to the city <Winks> I had a date.
§Joy: as we agreed, no cell phone at the table during lunch and we sticked to our appointment. Just communicate normally to each other 😉
§COE: I replied her mail and asked “Yes, no or maybe?” It was so unclear to me.
§Support & Rain boots: I looked for a new rain boots, went to this shoe store & the lady was very helpful (+ extra shopping tips). Thank you so much & I liked her support.
§Support: Olga asked for my support, I was pleased to suggest what I would do.
§Support: I started this chat group to communicate with the girls, I suggested some tips to create the goodies. You girls can do it & you are great! Go go you girls.
§I love pink stuff <hehe> so girly & sexy !!
§Support: Eva asked for my support, I said yes. Woo Hoo, 2 happy girls.
§Support: Marcelita gotta pick up me at home, thank you darling sweetie.
§Support: My sweet baboo offered me support when I will be in the training. Awesome!
§Care: we gotta extra food in the freezer & made sure that he will have proper dinners after work. He is a big boy & will take care of himself.
§Love: I chatted to Beary, he shared his stories with me and I appreciated it. Love you darling.
§Love & COE: My sweet baboo wanna have pasta for dinner, I cooked our homey food, yummy =) We both loved it nom nom nom.
§Quality time: we watched our fav TV program, feet up, enjoyed & relaxed.


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