Just ask me

Just Saying:
I know this will seem a bit crazy, but if you want to know something about me, the best person to ask, is ME.

My Successes:
§Rise & shine: It was a bright new day (dark outside in the early morning!) and I loved it.
§LCC & COE: As I promised, I called my ICT co-worker & set an appointment with him.
§Stay calm & count minions: I didn’t understand what it went wrong, I asked questions and he stayed interrupted me. Counting 20 minions helped me to focus.
§Love your mistake: Oeps! it was just simply to ask & look. The communication to the portal was OK. Nothing wrong with it! They didn’t ever check the portal.
§Fun: Next to Sherlock as a nicked-name, I got Scabby Doo too .. Hahahaha I solved “mistery” <Grin>
§Support: She asked for my support & she appreciated my explanation. I liked her smile.
§Support: my boss asked for my support, I was pleased to help.
§Compliment: She gave me her compliment.
§Care: I missed my dear girl, I talked to her & we had a great laugh. I shared my successes with her.
§Care: Thanks for thinking of me, she thought of me when I was in an event last week. It was amazing how it happened 😉
§Love & Care: I missed my dear Q, we had a great chat & silly laugh of course. Thank you darling.
§Compliment: I got his compliment, he liked my smile & my support.
§Smiling was contagious, I was the sunshine in the house 😉 Thanks for your compliment.
§COE & LCC: I required only 30 minutes for this meeting, I had lots to do & tested the portal. Agreed! I simply asked and I got what I needed.
§Quality time: We enjoyed our dinner & watched our fav TV programs 😉
§Care: I went to bed early and I broke my PR, the third bloody cold in 3 months! My bed missed me.


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