Just listen to me

Just Saying:
I’ll know I’ve made the right decision when there is peace in my heart. Stop listening to what the world says I should do. Start listening to my own heart. There are only a few people in this world who will stay completely true to me, and I should be one of them. Listen to my own voice, my own soul, too many people listen to the noise of the world, instead of themselves. Deep inside, I know what I want, let no one decide that for me.

My Successes ~Wednesday~

§COE & Support: I offered my support to verify the test results of the portal. I realized that he didn’t listen & did other things at the same time! I went to his office & worked together. <Focus>
§COE & LCC:I told the admin where I was & how to reach me when they needed me. I will be back 😛
§Intention: 1-3-2015 will be the release and I raised my 2 hands for my intention! They thought that I was crazy & I didn’t give a fuck! The team was with me.
§Lightness: I had many emails in the inbox, kept calm & it was just a numbers. I read the “cc” the day later.
§Love: My mommy dear sent me their Chinese new year wishes, I love you ,mom 😉
§Compliment: my boss gave me his compliment, I did well & he was proud. Bigger smile Sindy 🙂
§LCC: I asked junior support, he will coordinate this project and I didn’t gotta do everything myself. I trusted him.
§Support & LCC: He asked for my support, I offered my advice and he corrected this report. It was easy to let someone else to do his/her task. They all can!
§Support: I asked Hans’ support, he gotta pick me up in Sloterdijk. I loved to see him & Maggie again. Thanks darling.
§Self trust: When I trust myself, then I work without barrier in my head (i.e. noises, doubts, BS etc) and my performance was super sonic fast!
§Joy: I was a happy bunny, everyone smiled at me & I brighted up our day! Woo Hoo.
§Honest & openness: I sent this mail to S & then I got his feedback. Our issue was cleared & I moved on.
§Be There: It was always great to be in the Essence building =) me likey.
§Support: Marcelita spoke up & we needed to catch the train. Thanks sweetie darling and we were in the same train! Gezellig.
§Love: I was home late, my sweet baboo woke up & gave me a bear hug.

My Successes ~Thursday~

§Support: No one read the mail properly, screaming & nagging didn’t work. I was there & supported them. < chill baby baby chill > I liked their smiles.
§LCC & compliment: I gave my compliment for my ICT co-workers, they were awesome!
§Noises: I could ignore some noises from some people and I didn’t make fuss about it.  I had a big smile on my face and they didn’t know what to do.
§NIVEA: I didn’t care what you thought about me, I spoke up & I didn’t like NIVEA (Niet Invullen Voor Een Ander).
§Care: I broke my PR again, 3 times flu/cold in 3 mouths. It was not funny at all, water, hot cold Rex & tissue paper are my best friends for now.
§Support: I was sick, I asked my sweet baboo’s support. We gotta have take away for dinner. I went to bed early.
§New friend: I made a new friend, he was a colleague in the same hospital, Israel lived near us. We had a good chat and laugh in the tram.
§Get things done: Project I is almost done, I gotta adjust the setting in cyberlab and it looked good to me.
§Focus: My focus was sky high although my head was filled up with mucous.
§Support: I helped a lady in the hall, she lost her way and I walked with her to the right dept. I loved her smile.


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