Count on me

Just Saying:
Sometimes it’s very hard to move on, but once I move on, I’ll realize it was the best decision I’ve ever made.

My Successes:
~Recover: I felt much better after the fever. Just take it easy.
~Love: My sweet baboo took good care of me, thank you darling.
~Support: I asked for support, my sweet baboo got  extra water for me.
~Get thing done: The setting was all done in cyberlab & it looked pretty! Happy me 😉
~COE: I texted MG and asked about the progress of this project, to be continued …
~NIVEA: I simply annoyed this noise maker, it was irrelevant to give my attention & I gave her my feedback.
~Love your mistake: Oeps! “Something changed yesterday!” .. it was OK to make mistake & they only blamed that “something”. I clarified & checked with them, nothing was changed & one thing changed: it was Thursday yesterday, it’s Friday today.
~Care: My lunch date was back, she was sick too. I talked to her & shared my stories.
~Love: I went to work when I felt better. I didn’t wanna suffer & spreaded my bugs!
~LCC: She asked for my support, I made 1 phone call & it was done. Thank you my dear 😉
~Support: Hans checked this for me, thanks for your support!
~Flu: It must be a reason to be sick. Bloody bugs was everywhere and I didn’t have enough rest!! Early bed time is  a must.
~Success: I still wrote my successes. Yeah! I liked it.
~ZEN: I enjoyed the quality alone time. It was pleasant to have quiet time & enjoyed the moment.
~Count on me: I never understand why people gossip about others. Why can’t you just ask & clarify? She told me this gossip, I told her that I won’t spread her words & her words came to a dead end. Lekker dan!
~Love: I was happy to hear from J, he offered me chicken soup & he was a sweetheart. Thank you darling.
~Marketing: I invited 2 persons to the info today, 2 NO’s and it was fine!
~COE: I clarified what she meant about this abbreviation, my guess won’t help & It can be anything. Good of me!
~I left my work at 5 & I finished my task on time. Have a good weekend 😉
~Love: Thanks for making me laugh like silly, Q 😉 I love you darling x


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