Proud of me

Just Saying:
Don’t be too hard on myself. There are plenty of people willing to do that for me. Love myself and be proud of everything that I do. Even mistakes mean I am trying.

My Successes:
§Intention: our appointment is requested, we gotta choose a date.
§CoE & Support: I asked for support, I asked what she really wanted and T was fine.
§Get thing done: It was finally fine tuned, It looked good to me and it can be released to the production.
§Support: I asked for support & I needed feedback. <Grin>
§Support: I asked for support & this RS-232 is needed to be arranged soon. One phone call and it was set.
§LCC: anti-c was there, we did well and I didn’t care their business.
§Compliment: I got her compliment, thank you so much!
§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch walk, we shared our successes and I enjoyed the sun & fresh air.
§Proud: I was proud of me. I was proud to be in this team. I was proud of my action. I was proud of asking support. I was proud of offering my support. I was proud of my lightness.
§Fun: I picked up RS 232, I had a good laugh with my ICT co-workers. Thanks guys!
§LCC: I gotta get the 2 IP addresses for these RS 232 tomorrow. <checked> Thanks again!
§Fun: I had a good chat & laugh with my colleagues in the tea break.
§Support: My boss asked for my support, shared email account can be requested & he asked for my advice. <SMILE>
§Just say hi: I just passed by & said hi to MG! I liked his smile.
§Quality time: I enjoyed this quiet evening with my sweet baboo.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes & I loved it. Then I heard “Aha” 😉


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