Grateful to be me

Just Saying:
TODAY, be thankful and remember how rich I am. My family is priceless, my time is gold, and my health is wealth.

My Successes:
§CoE & LCC: I asked my boss to look at the result, she was happy & I was happy.
§CoE: I verified this data and thanks for your feedback.
§LCC: He asked for this privilege in our LIS, it’s done.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my knowledge with him, he went for it and he got the data he needed.
§LCC, Compliment & Fun: He did well, I gave him my compliment and then we were happy bunnies.
§Get thing done: Yeah this project is done, it looked damned good!
§Proud: I was proud of me. I was proud of our action. I was proud of our cooperation. I was proud of their alertness. I was proud to be in this team.
§Care: I sent my greeting to my dear friend & he was happy to hear from me.
§Spoke up & LCC: I spoke up about this issue, it was unclear what they did and she clarified this issue and I appreciated her support.
§Support: I offered my support & I liked her smile.
§Sharing is caring: I shared my successes, she shared her successes and I appreciated her trust.
§Joy: I enjoyed our lunch break. <Grin>
§Fun: I had a good laugh with Junior, hehe it was just silly =)
§Support: my boss asked for my support, I liked his smile.
§Get thing done: I set our appointment, I had all I needed for the LIS communication & Woo Hoo!
§Love: My sweet baboo texted me that he gotta be late home, it was good to know =) Thank you darling.
§Compliment & Love: My dear girl gave me her compliment,Thanks darling.
§CoE: it rained, we didn’t have our lunch walk and it was alright.
§Compliment: this funny bunny made me laugh silly, I gave him my compliment. You are awesome darling!
§Support: I listened to Q, he had an event and I told him a joke to cheer him up! I made him smile big time =)


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