Simple Rules of Life

Just Saying:
  1. Be kind to others, know that other people are doing the best they can with the resources they have.
  2. Be kind to myself, I AM doing the best I can with the resources I have.
  3. Never stop growing and striving for more from myself.
  4. Be willing to let go and FORGIVE, myself and others.
  5. SMILE, it’s all working out as it’s supposed to.

My Successes:

~Love my mistake: Oeps! the links web mail was not in the manual, I asked for support & I got it in my email.
~LCC: I found my new friend at work, I gave this links to him as promise.
~Fun:  I had good laugh with my dear girl. She showed me some self-defense move. Awesome!
~Love your mistakes: this order was wrong, I told my colleague yesterday & he didn’t take any action <sigh!> and today my other colleague was not amused.  OEPS!
~Feedback: I reported this issue and I am done.
~Opinion & Fact: I didn’t make her opinion to be my fact. Let it go!
~Event: OEPS! my boss was angry because 2 reports were faxed to GGD. He asked for my support.
~LCC & Support: I figured out that 3 things were wrong in this process (OEPS), people made mistakes and I promised him to correct/adjust if necessary. I liked his smile.
~Love your mistake: Was sputum or BAL sterile ? These reports weren’t supposed to be faxed to GGD. OEPS!
~Support: I asked for support, she was on her way to our lab and she would bring the document to me. I was a happy girl. Thank you so much!
~Support: My colleague asked for my support, I was pleased to help <Grin>
~Sharing is caring: I shared my new Yoga lesson with my colleague, we had a great chat.
~Sharing is caring: I shared my stories about parents, we had many things in common and we had a great laugh too.
~Joy: I had our lunch walk, it was lovely !!
~LCC: I gotta start my new project soon, I asked for some details about the parameters and I suggested that I would test both machines. We agreed & I loved our smiles!
~Hang out: my sweet baboo asked me to hang out with him & the gangs. Woo Hoo!
~Present: I have got a pen as a gift, thank you so much!
~Fun: my colleague asked for extra ICT tasks from me. I pulled his legs & asked ” will you pick up a big mac for me? coz I need energy to create an extra task for him” Wahahahahaa <Grin>
~Fun: we had a great evening with the gangs in leiden. It was lovely.

What didn’t work for me//What I did about it:
~”Ja-Maar” Ping-Pong: I rolled my eyes when some people liked to play this game. No concrete points (opinion) & went on and on with no end.//I went to the point, pulled the whole issue back to earth & asked questions.
~Hypocritical hippo: double standards, back-stabbed and fake// my door was closed and it was my choice.
~Responsibility throw away: It bugged me most when people threw their responsibility on my shoulders.// Hey I counted minions.
~Perfectionist with no limit: Oh boy this scared the shit out of me// I thanked for the challenge, I threw myself out of my comfort zone! Go out there and fight the monster!


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